MSE News: BT's takeover of EE given green light

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    Must say also, I know it makes barely any sense due to the BT infrastructure being used by most providers, but after I left BT for TalkTalk my service seemed to improve dramatically. Also my bills halved obviously.

    That could be because even though TalkTalk use the backbone of BT, they tend to use their own routing equipment in the exchanges, which tend to be newer tech.

    Openreach ain't got the money to upgrade all the exchanges to the better equipment.
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    robin58 wrote: »
    Strange that. I called on 28th November during the Black Friday offers.

    I was offered without a fight, free broadband (17mb), down from the £9.99 I was going to pay at the end of my contract. Plus given £75 cashback offer as well. Line rental was being paid in January at the line saver rate

    Was surprised because I was expecting to have to really haggle.

    I must admit I did do some groundwork before I called up and told them that Sky would only charge me line rental and EE would do it for £1, plus line rental.

    You should have rung again. You might have got someone else who would have given you an good offer. Never take the first offer offered.

    Having said that, I did, as it was to me, a bloody good offer.

    Well friday when i rang at just before 7pm i was waiting to be answered. only to find out their retention's dept closed at 7pm every day. even though i've always called later one due to work commitments and in previous years they've dealt with me ok.

    when i rang back saturday i was offered the same deal you got. however compared with last years deal the cash back last year was £100 and line rental saver has crept up yet again. (when i started with plusnet it was £115 for 12 months. then £135, then £145 and the £156. now they wanted £186!)
    i just asked was there anything they could do on the line rental as i'd been a loyal customer and quoted talktalks half price line rental deal for 12 months.

    they said they'd been inundated with these comparisons and they couldn't compete.

    so i've gone with talktalk. and surprisingly i've noticed a difference in internet speed already!
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    robin58 wrote: »

    As for the 38mb upload speed. No fibre company gives that speed up, only on download speed. So you must be running a server farm or gaming.

    yea i know ive not gonna get 38 up, but with EE i get a upload speed of 9mb but plusnet its only 2 which is ADSL speeds
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    I will not be a BT customer out of principal.
    I have a mobile phone that is 10 months from the end of a 24 month contract. Will I be able to have it cancelled if BT take over do you think?

    No - you won't be able to cancel your contract.
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