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Plus net /avoid / avoid /avoid

Hi was sent to this site , by martin as said was good customer service , and good deal,
Had an absolute nightmare, signed up on 8th November, paid a year upfront , to migrate on 11th December, still have no internet as yet 28th december, have now been told 5th January, have spent over 7hrs on phone to call centres, 2hrs on internet chat, no one has ever rang back from plus net, have spoken to 11 different people , had 14 emails, from different people again , that is 25 people upto now, they have had my money 58 days upto 5th January,
It is an absolute disgrace, Martin should not be supporting this company,
i have had no internet for all my banking , my motgage, my house hold bills,
an absolute nightmare,
I could not skype my grandchildren at xmas , who live abroad,
You can not get through to call centres for at least an hour , every time , and they always cut you off,
i have asked to speak to manager on 3 occasions , never once , getting an answer,
i now have the C E O. name ANDY BAKER.
Who i will try to contact after i am connected.but expect nothing,
CHEAPEST IS NOT ALWAYS BEST.................................................................


  • SwipeSwipe Forumite
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    TBH they are all as bad as each other
  • Robin9Robin9 Forumite
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    Just state your case, order numbers, dates etc (no emotions) to
    [email protected]
    Never pay on an estimated bill
  • DCFC79DCFC79 Forumite
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    There's Plusnet customers out there who are happy otherwise they wouldn't be in business. I agree they can be all as bad as each other.
  • MoneyMateMoneyMate Forumite
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    HI alyscaff Sorry to hear your story, must admit had minor problems 12 Months ago when setting up, Had to change my Tel No and small delay changing over.

    They were great about it , full of apologies even phoned me back on my mobile when I was on Holiday in Lanzarote to sort out.

    We have a great service at a good price, Hope You get Sorted Soon.
    There are more questions than answers :shhh: :silenced:
    WARNING ! May go silent for unfriendly replies
    Please excuse me Spell it MOST times :o
    :A UK Resident :A
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    woody2234woody2234 Forumite
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    1 Was you with another provider before you joined Plusnet at the same property or is it a first time setup

    2 Sometimes its Openreach thats the problem and customers are not allowed to contact them also If Openreach are on holiday until 5th January then Plusnet cannot do anything about the problem

    3 Is your neighbours internet working and If not maybe the floods may have something to do with it
    Let them eat cake (Marie Antoinette 1765)
  • FuturisticFuturistic Forumite
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    It seems these days it's all about luck.

    I signed up with the MSE offer too and had to chase up my order which I did over chat after waiting ~20mins, they fixed the issue and processed order and I was up on the scheduled date.

    I did however yesterday receive a invoice for monthly line rental even though I paid a year front, once again I went on live chat but only had to wait 3-4 mins and resolved pretty quickly.
  • Hi - well your experience sounds very similar to mine. Long story short, said would be moving and told them on 5 Oct. Was told I would be "on hold" until I could confirm date,this I did when I knew and it was the 1st Dec,they carried on charging me whilst I had no service but Ive now been given a refund of 109 so thats ok, I agree all you say, centres are hopeless and long winded - I had my phone line put in on 16th dec and then realised Openreach hadnt put the broadband on, so more phone calls, in the end I refused to go offline until I got a Manager to call me, this they agreed to do within 2 hours (Ask for a manager) I backed up this up with a rant on Twitter on the @plusnethelp twitter forum. To be fair a manager rang me back and got hold of problem (Was an openreach !!!! up to be honest) and the manager managed to get us on Internet just before Xmas - but I kept up the twitter barrage and also inisisted they call me back with each development. The worst was as you said the sheer frustration of holding on the phone lines or waiting days for an online response. I bet its an Openreach problem - the worst thing is the gap between the 2 companies - stamp your feet and insist a manager calls you back i said i wouldnt budge until one did, it worked for me in the end.
    Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. :beer:
  • teddysmumteddysmum Forumite
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    Almost all businesses displease someone, so taking their advice to avoid each one, would mean no services for anyone.
  • hi woody , yes was with ee,
    yes all neighbours internet ok,
    been told 5th january, not phoning again ,
    it will come on when it does , dont care now .
  • thanks scallop man , yer frustration , gone now ,
    dont care
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