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    just renegotiated Sky tv. Went through the usual discounted 10 months offers which I rejected then took the leap of faith and cancelled. Had the 50% offer on my home page within 5 minutes. Accepted that offer of 50% off everything, and also negotiated a new box as one of ours was faulty. Both daughters also took the leap of faith, both had the 50% offer within minutes. One managed 60% off everything, the other 50% plus £50 credit in account. So moral of the tail, if out of contract or in notice period go for the cancellation, have your fingers crossed, and take the new 50% offer as a starting point!
  • Still nothing here after cancelling yesterday, where did you see the offer - is is literally as soon as you log into your sky account?
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    Still nothing here after cancelling yesterday, where did you see the offer - is is literally as soon as you log into your sky account?

    That depends on what page you tend to get when you login - mine seems to go to the billing page.

    The offer is actually shown on the main MySky page so to be sure click that tab once logged in. If you're in the right place it will say My Sky on the left, your account number on the right and then Hi "your name" underneath My Sky.
  • Last year I never saw an offer on mysky, I got a phone call for 50% off. All of my marketing preferences are on.

    Time to try and renew at the same deal this year.. Only its not cancellation chicken in my case, either I get it or I go freesat (until an offer :) )
  • Will give it a few weeks then if nothing will have to ring back and accept the £20 off offer.

    Good luck!
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    No joy with chat or on phone haggling, best sky would do was £12 off TV package for 10 months, which was a no go, so have given my notice to leave, had no TV contract running at this time. Fingers crossed for a decent deal coming through. would have cancelled broadband and phone at same time but locked into those until September 16.
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    boatman wrote: »
    Has anyone got Sky to match Plusnet's 12 month offer of £185.88 line rental minus £75 cashback = £110.88 and free braodband?

    No. So we transferred to Plusnet.

    Sky then tried to apply early termination fees (despite being able to leave because of the price increases and having phoned them prior like they asked on the increase letter, despite that not being in the contract).

    It then took a considerable amount of effort to complain (apparently you can't complain by phone, no wonder their complaints figures are the best in the industry), but it got sorted in the end with compensation.

    Nice to flick them the proverbial "V's". TV next later this month.
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    I only pay £8.70/month with free broadband .That is £104.40/year.
  • Hi Folks

    Can anyone tell me if you have 7 days in which to cancel a 'renewed' sky contract.
    The crafty blighters sent me a new sky hub/router last week (for free - without me even asking for one ! ) and having connected it up I received both a letter through the post and an email, stating that they were confirming that I -

    "Have agreed to take up our fantastic offer of Sky Fibre Unlimited. We also wanted to remind you that as part of this offer, you've agreed to re-subscribe for a new minimum term to the products listed in the table below:
    Contract Start Date
    Contract Length

    Sky Broadband 03/12/2015 12 Months

    So, I presume that when I signed up for a 12 month contract this time last year, there was some small print somewhere which compelled me to 'roll-over' the 12 months to next year.

    So, having read a lot of the posts on this thread, I thought I would ring sky up and ask to have the TV package cancelled and then wait for the email to drop into my Sky a/c in box offering the discount.

    But just wondering whether I can do that, as, technically, my 'new' 12 month contract started on 3rd December.
    Anyone know if I have a right to cancel anyway, under the '7 day rule' for distance selling.

    Not sure where I stand and my 7 days is up tomorrow, so a speedy reply from you knowledgeable lot would be greatly appreciated.

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    @Puffin Man - TV contract is independent of phone/bband one.
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