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Looking for some advice is possible.

I vacated a rented property, and as per my tenancy agreement, arranged to complete an inspection with my landlord prior to leaving. During the inspection, my landlord identified a couple of minor repairs that he wanted me to carry out before I left. I agreed with the inspection, however, I was unable to carry out the repairs prior to leaving due to an injury. I acknowledged at the time that there would be a recharge, and agreed to pay the cost.
Approximately one month later, I received a latter saying that the landlord carried out a further inspection after I had left, and Identified some additional work that needed to be carried out. He had instructed his contractors to complete the work, and was charging me almost £1000.

Am I correct in saying that I should have been contacted in writing prior to any work being carried out on my behalf, and given the opportunity of carrying out the work myself, or arranging for someone to carry out the work on my behalf.
I have paid the recharge which I accepted when I left, however, I am now being threatened with legal action if I don’t pay for the work that was carried out without my knowledge.



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