Refuse to pay back over £2000!

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I hope someone can help and advise.

I enrolled onto a Naturopathic Course in Manchester believing it was going to be everything one would expect for paying course fees of £2650.00 not to mention a £290 deposit i paid in May.

The course started last week and on my first day there were over 40 students in a small poki room. I had no desk but was on a chair, with all the bags and coats. The room had no fresh air and i felt extremely ill. Other students were also moaning. I could not see the board, the teacher was terrible and it was the worst experience i have ever had in a teaching environment.

After leaving i got straight in touch to request my fees back and that i was not prepared to attend again. They went to huge efforts to change the venue, which i have been told is in the middle of no where, unsafe area and no parking. Some students weren't even told of the change of venue! Missing nearly half a days.

I was shocked today when i go a message back from the accounts telling me i was not entitled to a refund and DO I KNOW HOW WONDERFUL THERE COURSE IS and have i seen the feed back on there website? Feedback they have added!

Another student who went called me to say she wanted her money back but mays well continue because she doesn't think she will get it and that others are continuing and will probably just drop out eventually anyway. She also stated that some of the students were being quiet mean to the teacher that was teaching the class! Why would anyone want to be learning in an environment like that. And i believe they are not giving people what they pay for but eating peoples hands off for money and no service or quality. I am shocked and disgusted.

Can i get my money back? Help?

The contract i signed back in May says that they ensure that the course is conducted in a manner which is entirely safe! They fail at all goal post. But how an earth do i get my money back and possibly help my friend get hers back too.

I hope someone can help.


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