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November 2015 Grocery Challenge

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  • Dizzy_ImpDizzy_Imp Forumite
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    Goodbye October and my truly horrendous overspend, compounded by a Hallowe'en party yesterday :eek:

    I am starting November with a renewed determination - let's see how it pans out...

    Good luck everyone x
  • CrowdpleaserCrowdpleaser Forumite
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    Happy November all. Just driven 5 hours back from mums in Devon. Braved aldeee on way home with kids as I knew we had very little in. 67.55 in there. Then home to check what we actually did have and on to sainsbobs for the few bits I can't get in aldeee. Ended up spending another 24.85 in there. Next week should be pretty light on shopping. Plus we need no cereal as mum gave me loads so am overrun with it. No treats either as have loads of trick or treat loot!
  • ej22ej22 Forumite
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    Hi and thanks for the nice welcome coxy.
    I have spent 38.83 today for food.
    Does anybody pay your household purchases out of your food money?
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  • wmfwmf Forumite
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    Billie-Jo, I hope you are well now.

    Spent £10.04 today after walking to tesssco in lovely autumn sunshine. I sat for a while on a park bench just soaking it up.
    Will need things like bread, milk and fruit during the week but am running down the freezer so am planning meals around what is left in it.
  • Please put me down for £300 this month. October was my first GC, and I estimated a £400 budget. I came in at under £230, so I'm bringing down the budget quite a lot. I know December will be higher again because of Christmas, but I'll see if I can keep below the £300 in November.
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  • VintageLadyVintageLady Forumite
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    Hi there folks! It's been a while since I was last on the forum but as we have our wedding next year, I've just started a new job with slightly less pay, and we recently started seriously discussing buying our own place I'm in need of some support to get our finances in shape!
    This will be my first month doing the grocery challenge so I'm going to take a stab in the dark and guess £150 for both of us. I'm really unsure because Christmas is a coming so we will see how we fair.
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  • I haven't been around for a long time either. :hello:

    £100 for me please, this is a fraction of what I usually spend for me, DD(26) and DS(16) but I have been stockpiling/hoarding again :o including some AP splurges, and the cupboards and freezers are groaning. (74 veggie sausages in the freezer... :o )

    Seriously need to eat out of the cupboards and stop spending money that frankly I don't really have!

    Tonight we had yummy roast potatoes and veg, ans saw off some of those sausages! Followed by apple & (YS)raspberry crumble. Mmme.

    Good luck this month everyone!
  • XSpenderXSpender Forumite
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    Went to the land of ice today and bought SW meals for DH and also popped into the Mr T across the road for some cotton wool pads that I forgot twice yesterday!

    My total now stands at £93.80/£400 and as I am away most of the week and DH won't shop for himself we shouldn't spend anything until the end of the week and then only a little on fresh stuff as DH is away until Sunday.
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  • lynnejklynnejk Forumite
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    Evening all and a warm welcome to the new peoples and returners :hello:

    ej22 wrote: »
    Does anybody pay your household purchases out of your food money?
    My budget covers all food, cleaning and washing products and general toiletries. Wine/drink has own budget and we each have a small 'allowance' for personal stuff. Any money left at end of the month goes into Bulk Buy fund for butchers and stocking up when I see good offers on things I use all the time. HTH

    Shopping today was A*di =£29.87, B&M = £3.95 and Morrys = £22.76. So a total to add of £56.58.

    Hope you all have a money-saving Monday
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  • candygirlcandygirl Forumite
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    Does anyone else order from approved foods? I am always tempted, but end up giving half of it away :o
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