Christmas presents from charity shops!

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    I definitely would - and have done! I find that if I start looking earlier in the year, I have more time to find the right gift for the right person, or put together a little hamper. Everyone's a winner.
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    I wouldn't buy toiletries/smelly gift sets from a charity shop because you never know how old they are, and they do go off and can smell a bit rank as the oils break down. A relative of my OH buys most of her presents from charity shops and has given us some lovely candle holder type things in the past and often puts together hampers.
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    If something looked new I would buy it as gift, but in recent years we have all decided to just buy for the kids in the family. So unless there was a good as new item, they'd specifically asked for, it wouldn't work for me:)
    I do love charity shops though, n last year anold friend bought me a stack of Viz annuals, from one for Xmas:j
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    Yes, I cetainly have bought gifts from charity shops... what's wrong with that? Equally if I am given something that I really don't like and I can not find a suitable recipient then I donate to a charity shop (with Gift Aid) I think we have 10 shops locally! I always have a quick glance through.
    (Bought a nice top today £2.99- a gift for myself!)
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    I used to work in a charity shop and regarding toiletries sets, if it looked like it had been opened and used it went straight in the bin. As we were told by management if it had been opened you don't know whether someone has tampered with it. We also used to keep 1-2 years worth of Christmas catalogues from boots etc, so that if any toiletry stock came in and had same packaging as the two Catalogues it would be OK to sell. In my local charity shop warehouse they sell cards (thank you, birthday) for about 20-50p each so I always pick them up. I have had a few bargains that I have put by for gifts. This year I have picked up a necklace that I cleaned up and found that it was sterling silver only paid £1.00 for it, once put in a nice box would be perfect for gift. Also buy DVDs to go in stockings, candles/holders. I could spend ages in a charity shop browsing, my local one has odd bits of jewellery that is broken and I reuse it to make new jewellery items for gifts. And if you think about it not only are you buying something to gift to someone but you are giving something to charity and could be changing someone's life.
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    We do a secret Santa in work for £5 and it must be bought from a charity shop.
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    last year i discovered a cut glass vase, still with a debenhams label on for £60 in a charity shop.

    i bought a couple of things that day.....the lady charged me a £1 for the vase.

    i decided to buy a nice box and give it to my mother who lives 50 miles away so would never find out.

    I bought her some brand new Ugg slippers, about £70 even on Black Friday, some chocolates and the vase.

    She only mentioned the slippers and said she liked them. She hasn't worn them though. I was so glad i hadn't paid £60 for the vase as she never mentioned it :(

    This year, i have 'bought' her a pandora bracelet. it was free if you spent £125 two weeks ago and my husband was buying charms for myself and my daughter for christmas, so we got it free, should have been £65. She probably won't wear that either.
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    Kitty777 wrote: »
    One of the things that I love to do for Christmas (and birthday's) is to buy gifts from charity shops...I have found you can get some wonderful new/decent second hand things!!

    This year, I have decided to do it more and more...sometimes you may have to compromise e.g there may be a gift set with a damaged box, so I take the items out and make my own bundle or if there is a vase/ornament you may need to give it a good clean but I think its lovely idea!

    I have also found that doing it throughout the year is a good idea, so that you can make the most of the bargins.

    What do others think? Does anyone else do it? :)
    I sometimes buy small baskets/containers from charity shops that I can put my own toiletry products in - Avon sometimes do shower gel/body lotion at £1 each.
    A bit of tissue paper (that I often save from gifts to me) and a nice bit of ribbon makes it look lovely.
    If a suitable item were available, it'd be an option. However, charity shops are hit and miss if they're any good and if the goods in them are affordable.

    For the majority you'd have to spend a lot of time in charity shops to be able to spot these perfect bargains.... a LOT of time. OK if you're killing time every lunchtime on a street that has 4-6 shops, not so great if you have to actively make the journeys to trawl through overpriced tat.

    So, OK in principle, doesn't work every time for all people.
    The best time to hit the charity shops is just after Xmas when people are clearing out unwanted gifts. ;)
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    My Mum collected Jackfield ware pottery, she never spent over £10 on an item, and used to hunt for it cheaply - she would never pay antique shop prices. over the years i have found a couple of pieces in charity shops - given them a good clean and hey presto a appreciated keepsake to put with a beauty salon voucher!! the first time i did it was with a tobacco jar (cost £3.50) Mum grilled me to where i had got it as she had seen one locally in an antiques shop for £20 and would not want me spending that on it. I assured her it was in a charity shop on holiday and was cheap. she was well pleased with it!!
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  • This is a great idea, I'd definitely do it myself but the charity shops near me never have anything good in, I'm always envious of people who find great charity shop buys!
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