Any suggestions for a sewing machine for an 8yo?

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My dd would like a sewing machine for her bday, when she will turn 8.

Should we get her a travel one? A simple 'grown up' one? One specifically for children?

She wants one because I use mine a lot, and because she has seen the ads for the SewIt (?) one on telly, which doesn't need thread. But reviews are not good. Plus, it only works on their bundles of fabric - which cost a pretty penny.

Aldee have one coming out on Sunday, which I'm considering.

Any advice and suggestions would be most gratrfully received.

And I'm chuffed that she wants to sew!
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    Probably sounds silly but I would suggest an old, and old fashioned! non electric machine. This way she would be in complete control of the speed of stitching with pretty much no danger of machining the fingers! Yes I know it doesn't do things like zig zag but for a complete beginner you can do the basics of sewing seams, patchwork, using a pattern etc. That's certainly how I learned to sew! I was given an electric machine for my 21st and replaced it with a top of the range machine when I had enough dosh.
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    if you go via Lidl (or aldi) one or the other they have a basic sewing machine on sale for £13, can be battery or plug operated.

    There is this one from hobby craft - looks ok I've brought one to start sewing with
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