5p bag charge - your views

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  • Big_GraemeBig_Graeme Forumite
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    My parents use bin liners in their kitchen bin so their rubbish is double wrapped.

    Insanity, double wrapping rubbish :eek:
  • A 5p charge for single-use plastic bags takes effect in England today...
    Read the full story:

    5p plastic bag charge takes force


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  • torbrextorbrex
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    Take it from someone in Scotland folks, you will get over it and buy a 'bag for life'
    For those that do a trolly full of shopping at a time, the trick is to get a couple (or more) large plastic boxes and keep them in the rear of your car then empty the trolly into them.

    This is OLD news for us and those in Wales :rotfl:
  • ziggycjziggycj Forumite
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    Are you allowed to Gift Aid this? Technically it is a charity donation so the charity should be able to reclaim the tax for it...
  • SystemSystem Forumite, Community Admin
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    Asda are still using the flimsy things for 5p. There are none on the self scans, but the assistant has them over one warm and gives them out.

    Say about 90% of the customers I saw had their own bags. Last week, I say about just over half had their own bags.

    Saw one customer kicking off with a checkout supervisor.

    Going to work later and interested in how my colleagues got on with shouting etc.
  • Former_MSE_AndreaFormer_MSE_Andrea Former MSE
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    England rejoices as households suddenly find more space under the kitchen sink :j:rotfl:
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  • I think it's good. Many other countries have been selling bags for a few years now and people get used to very quickly. You forget your bag once or twice and than you remember. And even if not 5p is not the end of the world ;)
    I didn't know that Sainsbury's long-lasting bags can be replaced for free if broken! Good to know, than you The-Person-Who-Wrote-About-That.
    The only problem I will have now is I will run out of bags to line my small bin in the kitchen but from time to time I can just buy a bag from nearest store - problem solved.
  • SystemSystem Forumite, Community Admin
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    Big_Graeme wrote: »
    Insanity, double wrapping rubbish :eek:

    As I mentioned in the post, we don't have wheelie bins for our general waste. Many people use the black sacks as their bin liner. Been told not to do this as encourages foxes etc. As some people don't even have a dustbin to put their rubbish in. They leave it on the pavement until it gets collected so the neighbours will get rubbish in the front gardens.
  • mamanmaman Forumite
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    I'm one of those who will increase bag use as a result of the legislation as I've always reused my free bags as bin liners and now I'll be buying single use bin liners.

    I don't disagree with the environmental aims but I think part of the reason there's such a fuss compared with other countries is the timing. There's a general feeling about that this government is out to make the poorest in society pay while they rarely challenge their friends in big business. So shops can deduct money from the 5p to pay for staff training and are keeping very quiet about which charities exactly are being helped by the tax/levy. If we're so concerned about plastic why not force producers to cut back on the ridiculous amounts of packaging around some products. A lot of that is pure marketing to make their product look appealing and generally larger than it really is.

    I'll continue taking my reusable bags and just pay for a roll of bin liners. They'll cost a lot less than 5p each and I'll choose which charities I want to support as I do now. But I'll also be asking which charity is being supported by the supermarket while I'm at the checkout.
  • 20aday20aday Forumite
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    I don't mind using a "Bag for Life" in places like Tesco as I get Clubcard points for reusing.

    I overheard a conversation in Primark between a customer and the cashier; she said bags with company branding on is one way to advertise the business.
    It's not your credit score that counts, it's your credit history. Any replies are my own personal opinion and not a representation of my employer.
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