Student with loan moved abroad

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I am posting this on behalf of my friend because she is really worried and confused!

She has a student loan with student finance direct which she took out in 2006-2008.

Since she graduated she was very unlucky and did not find any employment. So she was on job seekers allowance afterwards.

A year ago she married a man in America and she moved there to live with him. She is a housewife.

She didn't know she had to inform the student loans company of this because she is unemployed.

She told me her parents received a letter this weekend to say she needs to update her details with them because the HMRC have no record of her and also enclosed is a overseas income assessment form. She said it says something about if you ignore the letter she will be charged government costs for hiring someone to find her! :huh:

So basically she has no idea what to do. I told her to fill out the form and not to worry because she won't have to pay anything back until she makes at least £12,000 which is the rate if you live in America.

But how does she prove this? They are going to want some kind of "evidence". Her husband supports her and doesn't want the UK government in his business. He is not rich or anything like that. He makes a modest income.

Am I correct in advising her that it's only her income that is assessed? And not her husbands?

She is also scared that she is in trouble for not telling them!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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    Not doing anything is likely to be the worst option, as they might then be able to demand immediate full repayment.

    Simply answering their questions is the sensible thing to do. I think she will only be assessed on her income, but as she doesn't have any they are likely to want some evidence of how she is being supported, which may require some proof of her husband's income. If he refuses to allow that to be given then it's back to my first point.
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    It is a condition of deferment that you provide details of your income and circumstances every year. So she needs to give them the information they are requesting, or else make some repayments.
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    Does anyone know for sure if her husband's income is counted or not? We really need to find out so I can help her with the paperwork. I sent her the forms from the SLC website so she can fill them out and send them without waiting for her parents to mail them.

    Just wanted to be clear that she has no intentions of hiding or running or anything like that. It would be pointless, she isn't employed she has nothing to hide.
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    It's not, why would it be?
  • dianna_2dianna_2 Forumite
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    It's not, why would it be?

    Thank you for confirming that. I didn't think it was but I wanted to make sure she was informed correctly so she can get evidence together.

    A long with filling out the form I told her to write a letter explaining that she is unemployed and that her husband supports her.

    Do you think he should write a letter too and send a copy of their marriage certificate?
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    Surely all she needs to do is fill it in and leave it at that? If she is living in America then how can they chase her for the loan? Especially as she isn't a resident in this country now?

    As far as I am aware she would only have to volunteer to pay the money back.
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