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Looking for some consumer advice regarding a newly purchased sofa. My sister in law bought a new sofa and 2 chairs and it was delivered a couple of weeks ago. One of the chairs is leather and is fine but the other chair and the sofa are fabric and very quickly it has become evident that something is not right. The fabric seems to be going lighter in places, especially where you sit. I thought at first that maybe it was the "nap" of the cloth, where you rub the fabric in different directions and you get a different effect, but that dosnt seem to be the case. She has contacted the supplier to come and look at it. She wants to know what her rights are in this before he arrives. She is very unhappy with the sofa to the point where she is in tears. The whole suite cost her over 3000 pounds. She dosnt want to get bogged down with swapping out cushions etc etc, turning the whole thing into a long drawn out affair. Does she have the right to ask for a full refund. She had to wait 14 weeks for the suite in the first place and now after just 2 weeks it looks a mess. any advice much appreciated
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  • Personally, I would ask the suppliers to take it away and demand full refund. Stand your ground until they do. The sofa sounds as if it is faulty and could be called not fit for purpose. They will hum and hah and come out with every trick in the book and she could agree to change the cushions, but who to say the new cushions won't be the same! Better to ask outright for them to remove the sofa and get her money back. I've been there and done that!
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