amazon direct publishing

I found a thread on this but it was locked. I could see how I could publish a novel BUT its not a novel I want to publish, its a wee booklet, a "how to " type guide. There will be pictures in it and diagrams, is that ok? Then the BIG question....I see its amazon America....can I publish through UK amazon? Thanks for any tips, Cheers, Keith.


  • Yes, you can publish an eBook on Amazon containing images and diagrams, although if the images aren't yours then you'll need to make sure you've got permission to use them for publishing.

    I'd recommend looking up the Smashwords guide to publishing eBooks, it's a 150-odd page PDF document but I found it essential for working out how to publish mine, and that was without me using any images!

    Be aware that it's very difficult to get sales nowadays, so don't rely on it to be a way to get a good income.
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