Socialising while dieting?

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I'm on a real health kick at the moment, having realised that I can't keep complaining about wanting to lose weight / get fit / tone up if I'm not actually going to do anything about it!

Anyway I was wondering how people cope with socialising when you are dieting.

I'm finding it really hard because I'm not remotely overweight so if I tell people "Oh I'm trying to be healthy" they don't understand, and so I'm finding that I'm choosing not to go out, which is boring!

I live in London by the way, so I tend not to go to my friend's houses very often as we all live quite far apart - so most of my socialising with friends is in restaurants/bars/pubs.

Any ideas? The thought of drinking soft drinks all night just bores me (plus they are full of sugar anyway, and water is even duller), and I don't particularly like eating salad in a restaurant!

I just know that unless I can crack this, it's never going to work as I am probably out 3-4 evenings a week.


  • Soft drinks are worse than most I would say, especially with the sugar content. I have some pub grub when I play dominos. I think you have to have a treat day, it's just not got to be every week. Try and eat before going out so you know what your eating?
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  • You can have lower calorie alcoholic drinks such as gin & tonic, vodka tonic, perhaps orange juice or cranberry juice?

    As for food either don't eat anything or like dawyldthing says above have a treat day?
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    i switched to diet mixers with and without alcohol, also id suggest eating places that had menus with calories on their menus (pref online so i could decide what i was eating before i went out)
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    Thanks for the suggestions, I think ultimately I just need to go out less!
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    I have the same problem as you! London girl here and when I go out it's hard to decide what to eat! Wetherspoons have calorie content on their menus so you can get a guide of what's bad and what's not as bad.

    A few tips that I read somewhere - don't go for anything with a cream based sauce, if you have to something with a sauce go for ones with a tomato based sauce - so no carbonara!
    I try to go for fish based dishes - without the creamy sauce! These are full of protein without a lot of calories.
    Steak is also a good choice - just choose salad instead of chips and skip the sauce. It may be higher in calories than fish, but it's a good solid piece of meat with a lot of protein to keep you full.
    Pizzas - avoid if possible, but if you go to Pizza Express they have the legarra version - pizza with a hole in a middle that's filled with salad.

    I never like going for the salad options at restaurants either, but something with salad is better than 'I'll go for the lasagne'
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    I would imagine that most restaurants have dishes like rice, pasta, veggies, stir fires, baked potatoes, veggie burgers etc. None of those are bad for you or fattening.
    Maybe pick veggie options, as long as they aren't creamy sauces.
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