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Me and the partner and in the process of buying our first home and I am trying to make a budget so we know where we stand financially when we do finally move it.

I have covered nearly everything and am a little confused with Line Rental, Internet, Broadband, Wifi and all things techie.

My partner is good at this sort of stuff but is in the Army and hard to reach at the moment. I just want to know really what I need to account for if I want a landline and internet to connect my phone/laptop to at home, any advice, guidance would be really appreciated.



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    For budget purposes; BT is probably the most expensive, so look on their website for packages that suit what you want not forgetting any connection charges, installation or equipment (modem) charges, and line rental. Those figures will do for that.

    Click on the Utilities tab at the top of this page and there you will find lots of info.

  • Thank you for your speedy reply, I have read a lot of info on deals etc but what confusion lies with what we need. When we move into a new home is there anything that will already be set up that we will continue the cost of, if I have broadband do I need wifi, If there is a landline do we still need to pay installation etc - I am very UNtechie when it comes to this sort of thing :( Thanks again
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    Line Rental required to get phone services and broadband .
    Internet comes down the Broadband .
    Broadband three basic types standard up to 17 mb Fibre 38 and 76 mb or Virgin Media cable to some areas .
    Wifi usually free over the home broadband service or out and about cafes etc .

    Basics would be that you pay for line rental + phone calls + broadband .
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    Some guesses for monthly costs. (for budget)

    Phone & Broadband £25 per month + calls.
    Phone & Broadband & TV paid channels £75+ per month

    All broadband comes with home WIFI these days and allows laptops and phones and tablets to connect to the internet without wires. (when at home)

    Maybe your thinking of WIFI spots for using these devices when away from home and in the town center.
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