Trailfinders wedding list beware!

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I wanted to share this with as many people as possible as been appealed by the lack of transparency with trailfinders and hugely disappointed . This is an exert from my letter of complaint. I received a written response which basically said this is the way they do busyness and tough! I called the customer services rep and he was very unhelpful and essentially said we just disagreed. We are in a lucky position that we were able to book some of the trip separately and save over £600 but I feel strongly that others wont have this luxury and end up being take advantage of...

  • Lack of transparency
We received a quote for a tour of India followed by a trip to Goa. This included internal flights and accommodation. In order to use my husband’s BA voucher we booked our international flights separately so these were not included. In order to compare your quote with others (common practice for any modern consumer I think) I asked for a breakdown of the various elements. I was told this was not possible because “of the way the quote comes” but after I insisted I got the price for the Tour element which was bespoke to Trailfinders. On a like for like basis when we deducted the tour from the cost we were able to source the exact same holiday (accommodation, internal flights etc.) at a saving of over £600. This is to me is staggering and blatantly shows that you are not offering customers best value. In addition the hotel choice was very limited so we have subsequently booked hotels of the same or higher star rating and the same internal flights saving over £1000. Therefore we have a better quality trip at almost a third cheaper than your firm quoted us.

Service charge for internal flights

After removing the accommodation element I asked if your team could price our internal flights as would have been good to use our gift card for these. Your flights came up over £40 more expensive (a third). When I queried this as was looking at the exact same flights on Skyscanner myself I was told you have a “service charge “ of £21 per flight. Again a complete lack of transparency and failure to demonstrate best value.

  • Inability to email
I find the fact that a response cannot be given to a Viewtrail quote by email staggering given you market yourself as a modern business. Likewise the inability to email our consultant directly was very frustrating and led to lots of voicemails which is an inefficient use of my time and that of your staff. All modern business is transacted by email now and much easier to communicate in that manner. Although not a cost issue it did not make the process easy, convenient or even enjoyable which planning a honeymoon should be. I appreciate you sell the “personal” service but given everything seems to go to a central quote service and other than passing on information the consultant inputs little specialist knowledge I don’t know where the value add or efficiency is here.


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