DRO benefits increase- help!

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I've had my DRO in place for less than a month and I've had a change in circumstances, my ESA has increased. I was expecting this to take months.
Just when I'd managed to relax I'm back at being terrified of what will happen and not sleeping.

I know I need to notify the IS.
What is the best way to do this? In a letter? Does anyone know of a sample letter I can use to start me off.
How much do I tell them? Should I submit another budget with the letter or just say I'm notifying them of a change.

The CAB helped me with my application, but it seemed like they were done with me now. The advisor said any changes I had to notify the IS myself.

If anyone can give me some insight into what will happen next I'd really appreciate it. I'm going out of my mind with worry.


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    I would have hoped that the CAB advisor would have helped you with the updated income and expenditure summary.

    How much has your ESA increased by? It's very unlikely that while on ESA you have surplus over £50...

    post your current income and expenditure summary on here, and the increase difference, and we will help you with the budget before you send it to the Insolvency Service...
  • Now that you have more coming in, it does not necessarily mean that you will not have more going out, more likely it will allow you to spend a little more realistically on things like food shopping etc. Most people needing a DRO are already cutting things back to the bone, and benefits are not granted to pay debts with, they are a subsistence allowance.

    By all means call the DRO Unit on 01752 635 200, option 2 and then option 2 again, let them know but also let them know that the money is needed for essentials and you should have nothing to fear whatsoever.
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    My ESA is going to increase from around £75/pw to £125/pw.

    That probably sounds like a lot but I am literally just surviving on that £75/pw right now.
    I have around £35 per month for groceries. I would pretty much be starving if it wasn't for my Aunt feeding me a few decent meals each week.

    I have mental health problems which mean I get quite worried and paranoid about things, especially when it's to do with people in authority.
    I'm not sure if the CAB would help me or not. It just seemed like they were saying any changes I had to tell the IS myself.

    I've written a letter simply stating I have this increase in ESA, does that sound like the best thing to do. I'd rather write as I find the phone quite difficult.
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    If you inform the Insolvency Service they will advise you to go back to CAB to get help with the new budget.
    When CAB said that you have to inform the Insolvency Service, they dont mean that they cannot help you, its because CAB cannot be responsible for ensuring you adhere to the rules of the DRO.

    I would recommend you go down to your CAB, or book an appointment, they will help you with the new income and expenditure summary, and then you can send a copy to the Insolvency Service.
  • I will try to get to the CAB again this week.
    Sometimes I get in a panic and can't see the simple solution.
    Thank you all for you patient replies.
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