Doing an acces to higher education course. Can I get help?

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Hi all. Pretty much what it says on the tin. I'm hoping to start an access to higher eduction course in September and I was wondering if there was any financial help available to me. Thanks in advance :)


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    Access courses are usually part-time so there would be no reason not to find work around your college hours.
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    It's a full time course :) I'm hoping to find work but it's not going to be easy. I live in a rural area. :/ I'm just looking into my options.
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    Hi, ive just completed an adult access course. I am in NI so funding will differ however this is my experience. The course was full time but in reality this was 18 hours per week of class time so every student was able to work part time. We were also able to apply for a further education award which is a non repayable grant of up to £2092. I received the full grant plus my childare costs whilst i was in college. There is also a hardship fund available for students who were struggling financially.

    Obviously what is available to you will differ from NI but contat you college's student finance office and ask what is available. Good luck for the upcoming year. Its the best thing ive ever done.
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    I did the access course last year and recommend it! I got no grants. I got a 24+ loan, which covers the course cost if you're over 24 and not studied before. You pay it off like a student loan, so when I graduate.If you're under 24 it's either funded or cheaper.
    Some colleges offer free childcare for low incomes and possible other incentives. Although it's "full time" in reality it's 3days max (often spread over five days) so you can work around it. Most people did on mine. It's an intense year but worth it when you get uni offers .
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    You can apply for the 24+ learning loan. This is wrote off if you go into higher education.
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