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Hi all,

Just moved into a new house and the boiler doesn't work at all. Going to need a new one, it's a combi so happy to do a straight swap.

The issue is of course that we've just bought a new house so affording a boiler is not easy. Does anyone have any experience of buying a boiler on finance?

I have checked British Gas but the prices are insane compared to others (AND they have a silly high APR) and I've also checked hassle free boilers which seems like quite a good deal with a variety of different options.

Any advice is much appreciated!


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    If you need to borrow money to get the boiler replaced then you are probably better off getting a personal loan from a bank and sorting the boiler out using a reputable local plumber. You'll probably pay less for the boiler and the finance charges can be quite low.

    Perhaps even a 0% credit card would be an option if you can afford to pay it off during the 0% timeframe

    Most credit deals with boiler companies have either inflated prices for the boiler or inflated interest rates for the finance, except of course British gas who have inflated costs for both the boiler and the finance.
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    Any finance that a heating company will offer will cost you if its 0% it will typically have around 20-25% added the the quote to cover the finance costs or up to 12% interest rates so you will be better going to your bank and trying to get personal finance that way and get a minimum of three quotes from different installers.
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    Thank you both for your advice. I think that is very sound advice, I have seen credit cards also with 0% on purchases for 21 months - that should be more than possible for me to clear in the time with a boiler and there are plenty of independent plumbers/boiler fitting companies that are miles cheaper than the big companies.

    Thanks again!
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