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Parking Collection Services


I have received a letter titled 'Outstanding Parking Charge Notice - £100.00 from PCS (Parking Collection Services).

The letter confirms that it is writing on behalf of the creditor in relation to an unpaid charge. It states that they obtained my details from the owner of the car (leasing company) after a reasonable cause request to the DVLA.

It also states that i PCN was placed on my vehicle which it wasn't. It confirms i am liable however if not settled in 21 days of the receipt of this letter the creditor has the right to recover the amount from the hirer of the car.

I have read through the forums but i cant make much sense out of the information. Do i send a letter to the private company were i supposedly parked and the company who issued the PCN?



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    Don't waste time with the poll. There are only 2.8million threads on this particular board so you can safely conclude that you will be assisted. True there will be many of those threads that don't go anywhere in particular but the bulk will have been helped to some degree or other.

    Normally, as a newbie you'd be directed to the Newbies thread without too much guidance beyond that but in your case I will make an exception. The section that you need to read - it is specifically relevant to your situation (as well as the rest of the thread in general) is at the bottom of post #1 - that deals with company or lease hire cars.

    The post can be found here.
    My very sincere apologies for those hoping to request off-board assistance but I am now so inundated with requests that in order to do justice to those "already in the system" I am no longer accepting PM's and am unlikely to do so for the foreseeable future (August 2016). :(

    For those seeking more detailed advice and guidance regarding small claims cases arising from private parking issues I recommend that you visit the Private Parking forum on
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