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Pre-existing Travel Insurance Guide Discussion

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    andelainedreamandelainedream Forumite
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    I've been trying to get cover for my husband who has cancer (though not having symptoms or treatment currently) AND is on medication for high blood pressure and is taking statins (like just about every other man of his age). I am looking for emergency medical cover for anything related to high blood pressure/high cholesterol - I'm not looking for cover for the cancer, which is unlikely to cause a sudden emergency, we're told. I have only found one insurer so far who will cover (all) the pre-existing conditions, and it is very expensive (several hundred pounds). The guide says "If cover is still unaffordable, the price may drop considerably if you ask insurers to exclude some, or all, of your pre-existing conditions". But I can't find any insurers who will cover some pre-existing conditions but not all - are there any?

    I'm having exactly this problem. Had cancer and secondaries and have a few medication-related long-term conditions, none cause any problems, in remission for 15 years. I still see oncologist every 6 months and take medication. Because of high costs of health insurance last year had a £6 policy from Staysure that excluded health. This year they won't do it, saying underwriter's poilicy has changed.
    Anybody know anywhere I can get cheap insurance just for cancellation, baggage etc?

    ....later... now found that I can get budget insurance for 2 week European holiday from Insure and Go for £15, excluding pre-existing conditions.
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    the cheapest insurance I ever had was annual cover through RBS loyalties gold account plus £90 premium to cover pre-existing conditions (and I have a lot).

    Now that my account no longer offers this I'm being quoted upwards of £500 for annual worldwide cover. Really frustrating as the only time I ever claimed on travel insurance was when I got off a bus and walked into a road sign in the USA, cut my head open and needed stitches.
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  • an1179an1179 Forumite
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    Winter sports with pre-existing conditions and an excellent claims service when we had to cancel due to DD falling down stars and breaking ankle prior to travel
  • Hi there,
    We are due to go on holiday shortly. We have a non-travelling elderly parent who suffers with high blood pressure but is otherwise fit and healthy and there is currently no reason to think she won't stay like that! I am however conscious of buying travel insurance that will cover us in the event that something does happen and we have to either cancel or curtail our holiday. I have looked at a number of insurers and whilst some look as though they wouldn't cover this - some do say that they are willing to cover if a doctor signs any claim form to indicate that there was no reason for us to not travel.
    Does anyone out there have real life experience of this kind of cover? If so, can you recommend a travel insurance company?
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    Victor123Victor123 Forumite
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    After my heart attack I could not get insurance cover. I eventually found Able to travel. Although I've never made a claim I have found their premiums competitive for either single or annual. I've been with them for over 6 years and every year I compare the market every year. I have several other declarable conditions. The addition for these is £116 for Europe and obviously much more for worldwide.
  • This is the first time I have needed to buy travel insurance since being diagnosed with Asthma, can anyone offer any advice/recommendations of where to buy? Thanks!
  • Doc_NDoc_N Forumite
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    AliGee wrote: »
    This is the first time I have needed to buy travel insurance since being diagnosed with Asthma, can anyone offer any advice/recommendations of where to buy? Thanks!
    You may find with Asthma that it doesn't affect the premium much - if at all. Try a few of the 'normal' insurers, declare the condition, and see what impact it has.
  • sherambersheramber Forumite
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    We took out single trip travel insurance at the end of July for a trip to Canada later this month.

    In August my husband developed symptoms that our GP decided to refer to a consultant.

    Although he has had an ultrascan which showed no anbormality he has now been given a date for further examination. Unfortunately, this appointment is not until after the holiday so at present he has no definite diagnosis or an all clear.

    Althoug our insurance was taken out prior to these symptoms developing the travel insurance are now saying they will not now cover for any medical conditon apart from accidental injury.

    This seems unfair as the holiday was booked on the strength of being insured for any mediical problem arising after the date of taking out the insurance.

    As a result we must now consider cancelling our holiday and losing our money or risk travelling without medical cover.

    Has anybody been in a similar position?
  • EssexExileEssexExile Forumite
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    If they won't cover the new condition then you can cancel & claim on the insurance, that's what it's there for.

    I'm in the same situation, booked a holiday around christmas last, took out insurance at the time, a week before we went in May I became ill. I told the insurer what was wrong, they said they wouldn't cover it so they sent me claim forms.
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  • Indie_KidIndie_Kid Forumite
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    AliGee wrote: »
    This is the first time I have needed to buy travel insurance since being diagnosed with Asthma, can anyone offer any advice/recommendations of where to buy? Thanks!

    I went with the post office. I do have additional medical problems that I need cover for though. I paid roughly £30 for one year.
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