MSE News: EE customer? Get a 'free' £20 power bar portable mobile charger

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EE customers will have a second chance to grab a 'free' power bar charger from Wednesday, when its promotion which first ran in April returns...
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EE customer? Get a 'free' £20 power bar portable mobile charger


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  • momacgmomacg Forumite
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    Have tried to get a code several times....I am a broadband/phone/TV customer, not mobile. Texted JOIN plus landline number but I just keep getting a reply stating that my landline number hasn't been recognised and to phone EE on 0800 number.....the call centre don't appear to know what I am talking about and I find the accent very difficult to understand over the phone. I have given up.
  • :beer: mse I have got a power bar for my iPhone from EE. But when it came to getting one for my iPad customer services said they nothing about it?? They also said you can only claim one per account! I have had my iPad for 3 years and an I phone for 4!! They both have different size power ports, most disgruntled !!!:( but thank you for the one code ATM xx:money::j
  • NewShadowNewShadow Forumite
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    I'm trying to send the text, and I keep getting 'not delivered'

    Just to check that i'm just supposed to be sending 'POWER' to 365
    That sounds like a classic case of premature extrapolation.

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  • I have EE landline and broadband, but NOT mobile. Texted Join+Landline No. from mobile and got message "Landline No. not recognised, ring EE"
    Rang EE and operator maintains offer only for EE mobile customers.
    MSE with your mention of broadband and landline customers I understood offer to apply to them as well. Perhaps my fault for misunderstanding or possibly your information needs to be a little clearer?
    Thanks for bringing offer to attention anyway :-)
  • MattHawkinsMattHawkins Forumite
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    HantsHog wrote: »
    I have EE landline and broadband, but NOT mobile.

    Given the power bank is for charging a mobile device it doesn't surprise me at all that it would be limited to customers with a mobile device related product ... but the information seems misleading.

    I've got an EE power bar but my wife uses it. It is certainly not worth £20 whatever EE says. I've got a number of USB power banks having been sent plenty for review purposes and I would say it is more like £5-£10. Still a great offer.
  • Hi all,

    Just to confirm, this deal applies to mobile, broadband and tablet users.

    If you have a tablet, the instructions on how to get a power bar have since changed. When we first published this news story, EE told us tablet customers should ring customer services to get a code.

    However, it has since changed its position on this. iPad users now need to take their device in-store to get a power bar, while tablet users (non-iPad devices) need to text POWER to 365 (texts cost 35p) through their "connection manager software", which is inbuilt into the device.
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    moleratmolerat Forumite
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    NewShadow wrote: »
    I'm trying to send the text, and I keep getting 'not delivered'

    Just to check that i'm just supposed to be sending 'POWER' to 365
    Yes, sent text and got code in around 10 seconds. Popped into shop and got one.
  • sarkssarks Forumite
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    So I took my ipad into my local EE store (North Shields), waited around 30 mins to be seen which was fine as I knew it'd be busy, they had a good system in place and were taking details at the door of people's mobile numbers.. They took lots of details (and tried to sell me various things which again I was fine about as that is their job) and then asked me for my 8 digit code which is where the problems began.

    Firstly I was advised by several workers in the store that they had only ipad's too and were unable to get the Power Bar themselves. My lovely assistant Tom was not swayed though. He got on the phone to customer services and had quite a terse conversation with them, and then he disappeared into the back for another 5 minutes or so. He came out quite annoyed having got nowhere at all with customer services and somehow, and I really don't know how he got around the code that is needed but managed to give me a Power Bar. I think he did it as a return or a freebie or something on the till.

    Anyway, just a heads up if like me you only have an Ipad Sim with EE. Customer Services are clueless and it may be up to the tenacity of an assistant to help you.
    TANSTAAFL - unless you have a voucher for said lunch from MSE :D
  • LadyV2508LadyV2508 Forumite
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    I got mine this morning using the code that EE sent me earlier today. Please be aware that the queues can be very long -i was 6th in the queue today and was still waiting 45 minutes. There were about 50 people behind me in the queue who were told the waiting time could be up to 2 hours. They only had 1 member of staff dealing with the power bars and once you are in the shop they will try and sell you a whole host of things! The USB cable that comes with the power bar is not compatible with Iphones - they will try and sell you a lead for £7.50! Go on to Ebay and you can get one for 99p! :T
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    HantsHogHantsHog Forumite
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    MSE_Helen wrote: »
    Hi all,

    Just to confirm, this deal applies to mobile, broadband and tablet users.

    MSE Helen this is what caused my confusion. I am an EE broadband customer with my EE landline. However according to EE, its for EE mobile customers only. As Matt Hawkins says can't really blame EE for this - its reasonable enough, but I do feel your statement is misleading and should be further clarified for dolts like me :-) .... and judging by earlier posts I wasn't the only broadband landline customer so easily confused.
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