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I am certain this topic has been covered before.

I recently booked tickets via opodo on RyanAir. All the way through the process, the prices for outward and inward journeys were clearly quoted. Just before paying, there was a warning that paying by credit card will incur extra charge so I decided to pay by debit card instead.
At the end of the transaction it clearly said: Today you have been charge £641.83 for this booking. The email they sent me also confirmed that this was the amount I was billed.

When I checked my bank statement a few days later, they had taken out three lots of money: one for outward journey, one for inward and another was labeled opodo service charge. The total came to £665.30 which means they had charged roughly £25 more than the confirmed amount.

When I contacted them I was told it was a mistake and that I should send them a screen dump of my email and statement to be refunded. I did this in an email and received a response a couple of days later saying that the charge was justified and had to do with my method of payment. Apparently they want you to use Eurtopay card which doesn't have any charge. This explanation is totally unacceptable as it seems like a hidden charge and I was clearly not informed of the total they were going to charge me at the end of the transaction.

One more thing, is it true that RyanAir may cancel third party tickets, that is if they find out I have not booked through then directly?


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    No one is likely to sell Ryanair without charging you extra since they don't pay on line travel agencies commission. Opodo and Edreams, the same company, appear on here and elsewhere every week doing the same. Ryanair claims that they reserve the right to cancel but I have never come across someone whose flight has been cancelled, after all they want to charge you more for more purchases on your travels
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    I've just done the exact same thing Mike. Bought Ryanair tickets to Portugal through Opodo and found that the return flight was charged on my Visa Debit Card at £20 more than the on-screen price and that stated on my email receipt. I contacted Opodo and they said that their quoted price should have been the amount I paid and the overcharge was due to Ryanair. I contacted Ryanair and they said the price difference was due to the return tickets being purchased in Euros and was their conversion charge (the old DCC conversion trick - which if you book on directly on their web site you have the option of opting out). However, no such option was available on the Opodo web site nor any warning that the actual amount charged may be greater than that displayed! I'm furious! It's not the amount that bothers me - it's the fact that you expect to pay an agreed sum and they can charge you something completely different! I contacted trading standards and the CAA. Both advised that the contract between seller & buyer had been broken and that I could pursue for a full refund. My question is 'who is my contract with?'. Do I write to Ryanair as their Customer Services Rep advised or is my contract in actual fact with Opodo? Ian
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    I should add that on my Visa Debit Card there are 3 transactions. One for Opodo's handling charge and the other two from Ryanair (1) the outward fare at the correct price (2) the inbound flight at £25 more than the price agreed
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    Contact your bank and demand a chargeback for the charge you didn't authorise.
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    Barclays were really helpful (5* service - the advisors were brilliant!) and are sending out a chargeback form. Trading Standards said they would investigate this & complaints of DCC directly on the Ryanair web site if more people came forward with similar complaints. The CAA said they would step in if no joy from Ryanair Customer Services. Both Trading Standards & CAA stated that in the first case I need to formally write to Ryanair. I'm sure when I write to Ryanair they will simply state that Opodo have quoted the wrong price & I guess that's where it gets tricky. I'll let you know how it pans out.
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    Before long (one of the german airlines have already started I think) will charge a fee for 3rd party bookings so perhaps this site can start a campaign to stop this before it mushrooms.
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    I hope not. Nothing would eliminate more complaints related to booking flights than if people stopped using 3rd party sites.
  • Infenton,

    Yours sounds identical to my case. I am still speaking to opodo but if there is no joy I will go to trading standards and ask HSBC to ask to reclaim. I will keep you posted.
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    I just don't understand what benefit you would gain from booking Ryanair flights through Opodo and not directly? Have i missed something?

    But annoying for you either way!
  • CM66 wrote: »
    I just don't understand what benefit you would gain from booking Ryanair flights through Opodo and not directly? Have i missed something?

    But annoying for you either way!

    I know that now. It's the trick of the comparison sites. You do the comparison on opodo and find the cheapest flight and automatically click to book it.
    Next time I shall remember to take the information only and go to the airline's website.
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