Problems With Orange Cash Rewards Points

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Responding to a question in another thread as it belongs in a new thread of its own.
anjooooo wrote: »
Ive been searching this site for over a week for anyone writing about problems with the orange cash card as i am but nothing.
Is anyone having problems with the points reward scheme etc. etc. money being 'mislaid' and points going 'missing'.
I feel i may be the only one !!!!

I first opened my account in March 2104. Since March 2015 points have been deducted from my account as if expired. Points should only expire after two years and the oldest points should be spent first. So I should only have lost points in March 2015 if I hadn't spent any since March 2013 which is far from the case.

I complained this week and after being asked to supply screen dumps (goodness knows why as I would have thought they would have access to all the information that they need) the latest response from Customer Services is "We are currently investigating your query and will be in touch shortly with an update. Your patience is appreciated."

Unlikely perhaps but I wonder if the fact that I had a replacement for a lost card is significant. Points earned carried across somewhere in the system but not points spent? It will become interesting shortly as I will have more expired points than I have points!

None of my money has been "mislaid". Is the problem with your total balance or your available balance? For example when an order is placed with Tesco for groceries it reserves £2 until the order is delivered or cancelled. No funds are actually taken until after delivery.


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    I have just been notified that my missing points have been reinstated. (an apology but no explanation). Let's see if any more expire.
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