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Organic food in supermarkets

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    The halal thing seems to be a bit of hysteria whipped up by The Sun. Waitrose told The Huffington Post thal all NZ lamb has to be stunned.

    Having read the Qu'ran I can say that while the ritual slaughter is the norm, Muslims can pray over food which doesn't otherwise deviate from food laws and make it halal ie pork would always be haraam but if necessary praying over your non-halal slaughtered lamb would make it halal.

    Daylesford and Laverstoke Park Farm are two big organic farming operations which have their own abattoir so their animals and poultry are born, raised and killed on the farm.

    New Zealand beef and lamb marketing website
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    Ocado offers from my latest order

    Wholegood organic courgettes 20% off now 1.99
    Young's 4 Atlantic cod fillets/4 pink salmon fillets 3 for £10
    Wholegood 3 organic lemons save 20% 1.72
    John West pink salmon 213g can 50% off now 1.50
    Daniel Galvin Jr Organic Head brunette conditioner 25% off now £3
    Wholegood 4 organic oranges save 20% now 1.67
    Bio-tiful Dairy organic kefir 3 x 250ml bottles for 4.50
    Tidesford organic gazpacho 2 for £5
    Wholegood organic strawberries 225g 2 for £5
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    EdwardiaEdwardia Forumite
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    Ella of Deliciously Ella cookbook fame, took up a challenge for 2 people to eat organic for 7 days on the average UK weekly food budget of £59 and she managed it ! The website gives details of all the food she made and the store cupboard organic items she was allowed. From the photo it seems that she shopped at Sainsbury's.

    If you are interested in the cookbook you may find it cheaper on Amazon. I saved ££ against Waterstone's price.

    Re:organic store cupboard things, organic pasta can be cheaper in Lidl. helps :)
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    Because of the homophobia I've experienced on MSE I've decided to leave once and for all and asked te team to delete my account and posts.
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