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'Mental Health care waiting times can devastate finances' blog discussion

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  • UKTigerlilyUKTigerlily Forumite
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    Well from my own experience I got sent for an assessment to see about suitability 2/3x and declined for each as i'm too complex yet no advice or help was given as to what to do to get help.

    I then found the type of therapy I need isn't available on the NHS in my area so had to pay to go private and had to give it up as it was more than I could afford. Had got into debt, before diagnosis, due to my problems and also when unwell have had someone take advantage and given them thousands over ten years. Currently trying exercise with the help of a Personal Trainer which costs less than the therapy and is helping loads but it doesn't give me anyone to get out years of pain and problems too.

    Quicker help is available the better I think
  • baxiebaxie Forumite
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    I am currently in the sixth month of waiting for an Psychology/ CBT appointment that should have been within 8 weeks of my initial assessment appointment.

    I also haven't received an appointment to see my Psychiatrist in that time, because they scheduled a Psychiatric appointment for the same day and my Psychologist appointment was on, but in different places. I could only attend one and as the Psychiatrist referred me to the Psychologist I took that appointment.

    I am "lucky" in that I live with my Mother, in her house. If it wasn't for her I would be deep in debt as I could not afford to live in a place of my own, but would not cope with looking after myself anyway.
  • rinabeanrinabean Forumite
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    I was referred from A&E last June. This January I was assured I would be starting therapy at the end of February (it would have been sooner, with different treatment, if my condition wasn't so severe). Well, it's May and I have not had a single appointment. And where I live is supposedly good for mental health care - and what's worse is I can believe it

    We have got into debt, maxed out a credit card we used to always fully repay. If my husband couldn't work it would be truly dire. (It's just moderately dire.) I used to be the one who handled the money but now the thought of anything money terrifies me.
  • very very good
  • After referral I had to wait around 4 - 6 months to be taken on long term by an NHS therapist. I don't feel it was too long a time in the grand scheme of things BUT I had been visiting my doctor for mental health problems for 6 years before getting the referral. She told me it was the last thing she was prepared to try. I imagine that's because the talking therapies cost more than drugs but it just means that I had 6 years in which my problem deteriorated (and is now ironically harder to work through and costing the NHS more).
  • On another issue, when I've been in severe mental distress I have visited my local A&E. They were absolutely fantastic - I was seen straight away, had a great nurse look after me and saw a psychiatrist who prescribed drugs to help me get through the difficult period. Obviously, they couldn't 'fix' my problem like they would a broken bone but they did give me emergency care.
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