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My 78 year old relative s phone has been disconnected today without her or our consent. After being on the phone to tqlktalk for 2 hours this evening we have been told various things the worst think we have been told is she cannot have a new line for 8 days at least because the law says she needs a cooling off period. She is frail and has dementia and cannot use a mobile. Her phone line is the main point of contact we use to check her daily. Talktalk say they are looking into the issue and we will owe them a cancellation fee! They have refused to take any urgent action saying they are unable to waver the days we have to wait. I cant stress enough how upset we are about this as she will not be able to get in touch with us if she is ill or needs help. This is appalling service for vulnerable people to be left days without a phone. Does anyone have any ideas about how we can request a more urgent reconnection?


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    But why has it been disconnected?
    You can register her for priority services (most providers operate a scheme of this sort), but that has to be done beforehand, not when a problem arises.
    I suggest you register on the TT user forum and see if you can get any advice from there.
    If she has been disconnected due to non-payment of a bill due to dementia then you should get her billing set up on DD to ensure that this cannot happen again.
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    The OP talks about their (the OP's) 'consent'.
    This seems to suggest the OP has a POA in place?
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    Sorry about your relative Talk Talk are scum
    I've been disconnected because someone else gave the wrong door number when setting up wifi n phone with their supplier
    So Talk Talk ended my contract I called up to find out whats happening at the time I had no idea y
    They said someone will contact me in 24hours 4weeks passed no word
    I got a letter for the customer for the other supplier so I opened it n called them which is how I found out what had actually happened
    Yesterday talk talk stole £130 from my bank account although they haven't contacted me to explain what happened nor did they write or call me to explain they are going to take that money I called up to get my money back and was told i entered a 12month contract n im liable for charges as i cancelled it finally got thru to a senior member of staff who accepted i didnt end the contract they did n i can get a refund but i have to take out a new account with them.......otherwise i dont get my money back....this cant be right how can i be liable for something i didnt do and what does the refund have to do with a new account if its for the account they closed? This sounds like bullying they aaccept fault even willing to give my money back but only if I remain a customer thats cant be right any help would be appreciated
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    It appears talktalk have disconnected the line because someone else tried to take the line. Her bills are set up by direct debit and so she does not owe them money. We don't have POA as she was unable to consider this option when she was able and now its a bit too late. We are waiting for the CEO to investigate this, but still no promise of the line being reconnected and they are still saying we will need to set up a new contract. It is outra2gious that they can treat vulnerable people like this
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    Firstly, this is not TT's fault, as another provider has attempted to slam the line. TT would have sent a 'sorry you are leaving' letter, which presumably has been ignored due to her dementia. Unfortunate, but again not really TT's fault.
    Finally, unless she was already registered for priority services, then TT would have no idea of her age or medical condition.
    TT have a dire reputation for poor CS, but I can't see that they have done anything wrong here: the reconnection time is dependent on BT OR, not TT, and 8 days is not unusual.
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