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How to check your Internet usage (bandwidth)

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    Mum has signed up with Moneysaver Telecom for phone and broadband with 5gb inclusive since October 2014. However, she does not have any items that can access the internet. She got it for her grandson who would occasionally use it on the laptop, when she was with her previous isp talktalk. Since changing providers, neither the grandson nor anyone else has been able to access internet via the routers security etc.
    Mum received a samsung tablet for xmas to skype brother emigrating. However, it too could not connect to internet. A troubleshooting afternoon (hogmanay) - 31st December - spent on phone with Moneysaver confirmed router had not been set up and that connection password had not been forwarded to account holder. This was duly confirmed and from then on internet was usable.
    Check dates...... sign up 23/09/14.......connection made usable 31/12/14 = 3 months of non usage!!
    Yet! over and above her 5gb of allowed usage, an 8gb over usage was applied to the account in Nov 14, and over usage of 11 gb applied on Dec 14 and an over usage of 5gb applied in Jan 14!
    I have contacted them on various occasions, letting them know of the concerns of over charging for something she was unable to use, yet they keep reiterating that the usage amount cannot be wrong as it is correct!!
    They cannot show me proof of this.... as the figures arrive with them at the end of the period and that is what is billed!
    "Confidentiality" will not allow them to share usage information! Surely with mum being the client, she should be privileged with this information?
    I have looked all through this thread to find out how we can check what her usage actually is.
    I know various isp's allow you to check your own usage on private portal within your customer accounts, so why can mum not have this information from Moneysaver.
    When pressed for this info, I was told that their carrier does not provide this.
    I asked for the carrier details and was point blank refused this information.
    A smart TV has been purchased and I now know that dad is accessing catch up tv through it, which I assume is why there is still an over usage on the account for Feb - 6gb, and March - 8 gb.
    There is no other usage in the household. There is no PC, nor laptop, nor smart phone being used in the house. I took the tablet from her to familiarise myself with it and not given it back yet.
    Is there any way she can check what her usage actually is, to enable us to compare the billing?

    Thank you for any help gladly received.
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