Funding as a mature student

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My partner is planning to go to uni to study maths but we are struggling to work out how he can afford it.

Basically he started a module with the OU in february and asked shortly after about joining the degree as a full-time student. He was told that was fine and he would have to apply march and sort out student loan in april. HOWEVER what they glossed over was the fact that you cannot get a maintenance loan as a OU student which we only found out last night after speaking to the student loans company. As this is his first degree he cannot get a professional and career development loan either so we're at a loss.

Without moving away by himself to go to a proper uni full-time (no local ones will accept him, despite accepting him when he was 18!) the only option seems to be to continue with the OU part-time but he is struggling in his current job due to poor health so cannot really continue that for 6 years so would have to leave a find some other part-time job, which would inevitably be poorly paid.

Does anyone know of any other funding options that he could consider?


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    In theory with the out there's nothing to stop a person studying 120 credits a yr, there maybe an overlap for a month or so depending own course start date.
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    OU is classed as part time study whether you study 10 credits or 120 per year. It's because it's distance learning, you can study at anytime of the day / night at home, and still hold down a job, whereas if you attend University in person you have to stick to specific lectures etc in specific places.

    There is funding for part time courses for the fee's, but no maintenance loans unless you study full time.
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