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Clicks Research is discussed in our Product testing panels guide. Read about others in there too.

Back to the original post..

Hi guys, Has anyone used this, I have got 3 different samples i can try, it says there is not cost unless they get lost but also says you cant withdraw untill you have £50?



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    I don't know which Clicks Research you're using because Clicks don't pay for studies, they just send freebies for you to report on. There is a separate thread for them on the Freebies board, I think.
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    It does say you can get points on the Site
    Don't know how or when though!
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    Maybe people in the US get points on top of the free samples? I've been a memeber and enjoyed the free samples but never got any points.
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    With Clicks Research you don't get paid for sample studies. They do mention points on the website but specifically exclude studies where a free sample is provided, and since there never seem to be invites for any other type of study I have no idea if the points are hypothetical or can actually be obtained somehow.

    I'm not terribly impressed with Clicks so far. I'm participating in my second trial at the moment; I've spent many hours inputting and updating data for my profile for no real reward, just two samples of products that were OK but not as good as my usual brands. Communication from the company isn't very good - I've been getting reminders for questionnaires I've already completed, I received no instructions or welcome message or reminders in my first trial, and I have not had a reply to an email enquiry I sent them about my study. Also on my first trial I thought the surveys were badly designed. I do think there should be some incentive/compensation, even if small, for testing the products. It would be different if they were established products that we were being asked to review in exchange for a free sample, but these are things you know virtually nothing about before being asked to put them on your face or whatever. I'll see how this second trial goes but may not continue with Clicks in future.

    I'm not meaning to advise against joining Clicks, just saying it's a lot of effort for no meaningful reward, and if you're looking for rewarding research opportunities there are probably better ones out there.
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    I agree with the above comment. I get sent a lot of invites for completely unsuitable products and they never respond to emails. You never know what you are testing, so even if you really like something you don't know what it is. Sometimes their trials seem to be really short and I've barely received the product before the results are apparently due! It's a nightmare trying to sign in to their site to sign-up for trials and they're frequently already full. I've had some nice products, but I agree- some of the products are completely un-tested and I resent being used as a human guinea pig for these things, with no financial compensation or comeback if things go wrong!
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    I don't mind not being paid to test .. I've had some awesome beauty stuff from them over the years but their customer service is awful! and I do get sent invitations to incontinance pads !
    Many thanks to all who contribute on MSE :)
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    I product test with Clicks . I do it for free products. Agree communication etc is poor. iIf you google the list of ingredients, you can often identify the products. I don't feel like a guinea pig; most of the products I've identified tend to be refined versions of existing products. I always view adverts with claims like" in trials 90% of women saw an improvement in their wrinkles" with a pinch of salt now though, as there are no controls on these trials and in e case of, for example a night cream, they don't know what any particular tester was using prior to testing, when measuring improvement.
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    Clicks Research is discussed in our Product testing panels guide included in our weekly email today.

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