'22p a can lager, get drunk for £1. MoneySaving or MoneyWasting?' blog discussion



  • Great, the perfect way to cure the nations alcohol habit! As the own brand stuff is so disgusting and so low in alcohol we'll all be tee-total very soon! To be honest Martin, advertise away. We as consumers have a choice, "to drink or not to drink" and the issue is too deep rooted in British youth culture for this site to make a difference. Plus, from my view, I'm gonna drink the same amount of alcohol whether it's cheap or not so save me some cash on it! (But get us some discounts on something decent!)
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    Sainsburys own brand premium lager is 5%-low?
  • Now married to someone who was once married to an alcoholic and suffered many different kinds of abuse i think selling beer at such a cheap price will only fuel the drink problem this country is getting itself into.One more alcoholic is one to many.In this instance the stores are being irresponsible
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    • Addictions aren’t MoneySaving. An addiction to alchohol means you now have a new compulsory spending habit which in the long run is costly.
    • If the addiction is caused by access to this cheap booze, its effectively a very poor investment as the short term gain is soon lost after long term expenditure.
    What if you are addicted to buying electronics or consumer goods? The last weekly email was promoting ebuyer's £18 video mp3/4 players as a good deal, because they are cheap asking if people can beat it. There is more to a good deal than price. It seems this site is more than happy to promote cheap rubbish because it is cheap, and I'm sure most of the people that buy this cheap little mp3/4 player will never use it because it is useless. Is this site not wrongly feeding their addiction for must have goods by promoting rubbish as a good deal because it is cheap. The short term gain of having a useless video player you never use is soon outweighed by the cost of needing to buy another and another, until you realise that the cheap ones are rubbish, and you should have paid more for one that does the job properly in the first place.
  • 38 years ago when I started going to pubs, beer at 2/6 a pint meant 8 pints for a £: a good Friday night! Alternatively, cheaper beer at 1/11 a pint left change for chips on the stagger home, but it still didn't make the beer taste great.....Older and sometimes wiser, wouldn't touch 22p stuff with the proverbial bargepole.
  • Even my alcoholic ex wouldn't touch the value stuff.

    I don't see how supermarkets using cheap beer as a loss leader is any less irresponsible than bars doing cheap promotions and encouraging people to get drunk quickly.
  • JDPower wrote: »
    Yup, it's the cheap STRONG alcohol that is the biggest problem there, white cider being one of the biggest culprits (it certainly was when I was a teen not so long ago).

    Couldn't agree more!! Where I used to live there were two large groups of alcoholics in the city center, and they certainly weren't drinking the cheap own brand lager, they were on the rocket fuel ciders. There's no harm in cheap lagers, If you can stomach them (and I've tried a couple - they're foul), heck, some are barely twice the strength of shandies!

    And if you think that teenagers will be attracted to the low prices, you're sorely out of touch with teen culture... brand power will out, and Stella has the name (and the kick) that the lads around my way want!

    In Martins blog he asks "hold on, here’s something being sold cheaper than usual, isn’t that a good thing?” and " "is this the type of thing I should be covering and encouraging on the site, or would that be socially irresponsible?

    My answer is that anyone who likes cheap lager, and is going to buy it anyway, would be very pleased to be told its even cheaper somewhere else, and so it should be covered. As to being Socially irresponsible, people will drink if they want too, and telling them that larger is 22p here rather than 30p there is not going to make them drink any more or less!!

    All, of course, IMHO :beer:
  • Subsidising the price of drugs is immoral. The supermarkets wouldn't cut he cost of ciggarettes to such low levels, yet alcohol is a more serious threat to society than tobacco.
  • did half of the blog get deleted with the server problem? i can see you can get cheap half *rsed attempt at lager for 22p but can't find out how to get drunk for £1.
    If the blog is saying 4 1/2 cans of glorified shandy will get you drunk then Martin's had far too much vodka and cranberry
  • The strength of alcohol is not the problem in my opinion - it is the attitude towards it.

    Making it hard to get, slapping on loads of duty, stopping youngsters having "because its bad for them" just does nothing to stop it but instead the opposite. 24 hour drinking is a good thing because when something is always available it becomes less desirable. Teaching children to drink responsibly (like a glass of wine with a meal) is better than saying you can't have any until you're 18 - as when 18 hits they don't know how to handily it etc. Society has to change.
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