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Additional Guidance NTK Received

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Good afternoon forum users.

First of all, I am new to this forum - this is my first post :) I have admiration for this forum and for those who regularly post to aid others; you all deserve a massive amount of credit (and a few beverages!!) I was wondering if anyone could provide me with any additional guidance...

I have recently received an NTK from the PCP Highview Parking. I have spent (with appreciation) hours reading guidance re: newbies section and lots of recent cases to get myself clued up on recent experiences and how this industry works.

I followed the 'Newbies Sticky' and sent off the template letter. In response I received:

"Thank you for your correspondence concerning the above stated Parking Charge Notice.

The representations stated in your correspondence have been noted and considered.

Please clarify if you were the driver at the time. If you were not, in order to correctly reissue this notice we will require the full name and address of the driver at the time this charge was incurred so that we may given them the opportunity to appeal.

We will continue to hold this Notice at the current rate for an additional 14 days from the date of this correspondence, after which point this Notice will be processed accordingly should no further details be received"

I have read many time not to disclose the driver. Do I just ignore and wait for their next letter then start the POPLAR appeal?

Thanks to anyone who wishes provide me with extra assistance with this matter. It is greatly appreciated!! :A


  • nigelbbnigelbb Forumite
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    When was the NTK received? How many days after the parking 'crime'?

    It sounds like they are not able to claim keeper liability under POFA 2012 so are desperately trying to trick you into naming the driver.
  • enfield_freddyenfield_freddy
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    you always reply as the registered keeper , NOT the driver , do not sign , print your name (registered keeper)
  • Wow that was a fast response...

    Incident: 04/03/15
    Date of Notice: 12/03/15
    Date of Letter: 18/3/15
    Date of PCP response: 25/3/15

    Yeah it was a printed name as the registered keeper. Just wait for another letter then and go from there?
  • RedxRedx Forumite
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    yes, do not reply, wait for cancellation or popla code

    or you can reply as RK and state that they have had your appeal and can either cancel or issue a popla code so popla can quash the invoice and this will cost them more money in the process
  • Brilliant. Thanks for your help and advice. :T
  • Hi all...

    I have finally received another letter (the third in total) from Highview Parking. It is basically the exact same letter as the first, except a few minor changes...

    "DO NOT IGNORE" and
    "If payment is not received within 14 days, an initial debt recovery charge will be incurred"

    The option of appeal has been taken away and the 'outstanding amount now stands at £85'.

    As mentioned above I followed the 'Newbies Sticky' and sent off the template letter. In reply they have not provided me with a POPLAR code or addressed any of the points I raised in my first letter. All they did was ask for clarity on who the driver was which I have ignored.

    So next steps? Ignore again or send them another letter, once again asking for POPLAR appeal code for the unnamed driver?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  • GrimbleGrimble Forumite
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    Yes write stating they have your appeal either cancel charge or supply POPLA code, do not name the driver, get proof of posting and complain to BPA.
  • Thanks for your quick response :)

    Better to post the letters off or email the BPA?? I presume the letter to the BPA will need to contain the reference code for my PCN?

    Thanks again.
  • Fergie76Fergie76 Forumite
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    Email Steve Clark of the BPA, email address is one of the stickies (newbies, I think).

    Complain that they are trying to collect while you have an outstanding appeal.
  • Hi guys,

    Just wanted to say thanks to all forum users that replied on this thread, can't express my appreciation enough...the 'fine' has been dropped! :j

    I contacted the BPA to complain that I had not received a POPLAR code to contest. They duly investigated and informed me...

    " a gesture of goodwill, the operator has confirmed the parking charge notice will be cancelled. A letter of confirmation has been sent to you directly from the operator..."

    I applaud everybody on here that gives up their free time to time to aid people such as myself! Thank you ever so much.



    P.s not sure if this should be re-posted on some sort of 'success page' but copy and paste as you wish! :)
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