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What's the "Going Out Deals" board?

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Welcome to our special "Going Out Deals" board!

Here's the place to post if you've spotted a great deal or voucher for a trip or night out, whether it's going to a club or pub, or heading out to a restaurant.

If you reckon you've found a great pint at a great price let everyone know.

Don't worry though, if your "night out" is a special MoneySaving night in with a takeaway in front of Xfactor let us know about the deal on that too!

Don't forget to check out our Deals section for fully researched discounts and vouchers before you book.

If you haven’t already, join the forum to reply. If you aren’t sure how it all works, read our New to Forum? Intro Guide.

To help launch it join in our How much is a pint in your local? poll
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