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Son wants to change his xbox360 as all his friends now have xbox one...anyone know of any good deals at the moment...also where would be the best place to sell his xbox360 with 15 games as i dont think we would get a good trade in.


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    What is the price of Xbox?
  • Depends on how old your son is / what kinds of game he plays. Game has some great deals on right now, whichever one you go for depends on his age (but try to grab any one with an extra controller or headset, if he wants to play with friends).

    Not too sure what place you could sell your old one to though. Just check the average price they sell for on ebay, and look into CEX and Game which both do trade-ins, because you might be able to get money off a new Xbox One by trading in your old one with it's games.
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    Starting to be a good time to get an Xbone (Or PS4) as this is looking to be the year they both actually get some decent games!

    I'd echo the above, about checking out GAME. A console is one of the things I'd recommend getting from a gaming shop, as opposed to online, simply because of the ridiculous reliability issues of the last generation when they first came out. An actual gaming shop will more than likely just swap it out of the back room if it broke down within the year, and no messing about having to post it back. Well, the sadly demised Gamestation certainly would have done.

    No signs the new Xbox will have the absurdly unreliable reputation of the original 360, but it's too early to know for sure.
    Hope I'm wrong, but the PS4 seems way too small to be squeezing such a powerful processor into, surely there's going to be overheating problems?
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    dangol007 wrote: »
    What is the price of Xbox?

  • Got the xbox one with evolve included plus a £10 gift voucher fro argos..well pleased...:j
  • Use eBay to sell Xbox 360. There is always people who are looking for Xbox 360 and they are looking for a lot of games. If you use Game or CEX to trade in you won't get hardly anything for the games and very little for the Xbox 360.
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