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Private number plate advice

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Private number plate advice

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bery_451bery_451 Forumite
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Which website is known to do the cheapest private number plates?

Also can the private number plate be transferred to any car or is it only registered once to one car?

What are the costs of owning a private number plate?


  • No :wall:

    Just no.
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    benje302benje302 Forumite
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    Depends on what you are after.

    If you want something like A2 BFG then use the DVLAs site

    Prices start from £250

    You will be the ower of the plate and not the nominee.

    You can then move it from car to car (subject to current fee)

    You can not make your car look younger.

    If you want a plate like ABC123 there are quite a few sites like newreg. You will only be the nominee and not the owner so to speak as that will be the person who first registered it.

    Hope this helps.
  • Be11 end
    kn08 hed
  • forgotmynameforgotmyname Forumite
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    Cost to buy it. Costs to transfer onto your vehicle costs to change the insurance.

    Cost for a newer car because you cannot put the newer reg plate on an older car.

    Give a private plate as a gift, The gift that keeps on costing.
    Censorship Reigns Supreme in Troll City...

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    kn08 hed

    The OP was asking for advise.

    I am guessing you do not approve of such plates by your comments ?
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    Nodding_DonkeyNodding_Donkey Forumite
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    Cheaper to change your name to match your current reg.

    Xavier Zebediah Smith

    I'm sure I saw M5BMW on sale somewhere but I can't remember where ;)

    ETA Oops sorry, it wasn't for sale, it was on a Barried up Audi
  • benje302 wrote: »
    The OP was asking for advise.

    I suspect it was advice. Advise doesn't make sence.
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  • I suspect it was advice. Advise doesn't make sence.

    I'm dyslexic and try to correct all mistakes.
    Sometimes they still get away !!
  • benje302 wrote: »
    The OP was asking for advise.

    I am guessing you do not approve of such plates by your comments ?

    Check his previous posts. ;)
  • IceweaselIceweasel Forumite
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    I do hope that this not another troll question wind-up - but I'll respond as everyone has to start somewhere asking for info.

    First thing, DVLA are a rip-off - selling plates to the highest bidder or listing the 'good' ones at inflated prices.

    I also laugh at the expensive 'personal' plates that need to be explained - if it's not obvious right away it's just daft.

    Spicy has quoted a few fictitious ones - but it's the genuine ones I like, such as:

    1 UP U
    COM 1C
    UP U 2
    FU 2
    PEN 15

    and the drunk driver's favourite:
    50 BER

    I wouldn't have anything like that myself as it's just a target for unwanted attention.

    I prefer a completely 'unknown' number which gives no indication of it's age or origin to most people - although any number is identifiable as having originated somewhere at a particular time or date if you really want to find it out.

    You can get a completely anonymous 'cherished dateless registration plate' for as little as £20 - then you need to pay DVLA £80 to get it changed on to your car.

    You can put it on any age of car you like as there is no specific year identifier.

    The number is yours as long as you want it.

    If you buy another car and want to keep the 'cheriched' plate and then you need to pay £80 each time to swap the number to your new car and get the original (or a very similar one) back to put on the car you are selling.
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