What early pregnancy symptoms did you have and when?

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    You had periods too?? *terrified*

    HBS x

    I did until about 22 weeks with both of them.

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    Yup you are officially Rock n Roll :D
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    With my first, no symptoms at all. But I had just had a strong feeling I was pregnant...

    With my second, the first symptom was what I would describe as my head not keeping up with my body. I just felt weird and a little dizzy, took a test just in case and it was positive.
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    Early on the only symptom I had was cramps. I had them for four days and kept thinking they were signalling AF arriving. However after four days of cramps I took a test 13 days past ovulation and got a positive result.

    I then didn't get any nausea or tiredness until I was 8 weeks.
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  • I did until about 22 weeks with both of them.


    *runs around in panic* :)

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