cashing in with profits growth bond

I have held an L &G `with profits growth bond` since dec 2009. Averaged out over the five years I have seen a return of 6% per year. My question is, should I keep my money in the bond or cash it in because some people are now saying we are in for a severe downturn in the stock market. A tricky one I know and I`m wondering which way to jump, and if I do where else do I invest the money.,.


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    You will always find people saying we are in for a severe downturn in the stock market. Usually we don't get one. Occasionally we do.

    Do you need the money now? If not, I'd ask yourself why you purchased the bond in the first place. Do those reasons still apply? If not, look at alternatives depending on risk appetite and timescales
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    Isn't the whole point of 'with-profits' to smooth out the returns? The fund should have been holding back some of the gains over the past 5 years in order to cushion you from downturns.
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