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To improve my poor credit rating I joined & was accepted by Aqua in August 2014.
I was given immediate credit of £250 rising to £650 with no problems until a recent unauthorized transaction in December which, unknown to me at the time, sent me into an overdrawn situation.
I contacted aqua immediately and they restored my account to normal which I appreciated but they ,unfortunately & about the same time deactivated my account without reason as I most certainly had kept within the rules up to that point.
They admitted after checking phone calls that I-- 1/ had not cancelled the account-- 2/ have not as yet apologized-- 3/to date--not reactivated my account which has a large cash sum available intended for my sons birthday gift in February.
Aquas only problem is that they cannot themselves access your accounts without using the time delaying "correct channels"I guess I will just have to sit back & wait.
Other than that Aqua have been very helpful.


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