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I need to pay a deposit to a car hire firm to book a car in August but he's not a limited company etc and I don't want to find out he's gone bust or other calamity. Is there a way of paying him now with on a named date when he receives the funds with a card or Paypal etc, so the payment is made on the day we pick the car up?


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    A car hire firm which doesn't accept credit cards?! Most of them insist on a credit card and nothing else...

    I'd be looking for a different company.

    EDIT: You didn't say they don't accept credit cards, but I assumed, since surely that's the only assurance you need? If you prepay by CC and they go bust, the CC company will still be there to sort the situation out. Ironically, paying by PayPal, or another third party, removes that level of s75 protection.
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    The point of a deposit is that you pay it in advance so that the merchant has a reasonable assumption that you will use the service or purchase the product and pay the rest of the amount. Expecting them to take the amount on the day of your booking is unrealistic, if you don't turn up and you cancel the payment they get nothing. As guesswho says, pay on a card, credit preferably but debit should be OK too, and you won't be out of pocket.
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