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January Grocery Challenge 2015

edited 17 December 2014 at 9:25PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • Had to call and collect something for tea on the way home. I'm proud of myself for not getting a takeaway, plus I was restrained and only bought what I needed :)
    20p Savers (£22.20/£100)

    January NSD (7/12) 3 in a row :j

    January grocery challenge (£132.85/£250.00)
  • K9sandFelinesK9sandFelines Forumite
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    Still missing my receipts,so going to call that £15 to round it up.Also,£7.36 spend in M*rrisons.Shopping coming tonight estimated at £73.33. Used up a £15 off £80 spend voucher, so stocked up. Will amend if any sub's or offers change the total.

    £3.51 to add back. Got lots of flavouredbwater and juice for pack ups, 400 teabags and other bits and bobs.
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    Solstice_3 wrote: »
    Quick question about the vinegar - doesn't it cause problems with the rubber seals? Also what do soda crystals do and how do you use them please?
    The amount of white vinegar you use shouldn't cause any problems.

    You put half and half soda crystals and washing powder in the drawer as it is a cleaning aid.
    Bobarella wrote: »
    NSD logged here. Number 7.
    Well done on the NSDs ;)
    redmel1621 wrote: »
    I think I will stick to micro cooking them in future. I can't do them in the oven as we have an electric oven that EATS the electric :(
    I have a small work-top oven. I do my jackets in the micro and then pop them in there to crisp up. It's super for doing things like just browning something or cooking pizza. Then you don't have to heat up a big oven ;)

    We had Hm bolognaise and pasta for tea and there's about ten portions left to freeze. Also have Hungarian Goulash (hairy boys') recipe in the sc atm.

    Managed another NSD and should be okay for another tomorrow.

    Hope you all staying warm, dry and safe

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  • cw18cw18 Forumite
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    I do jackets in my combi - no way would I use a main oven for 1 or 2 potatoes, so I'd never have them at home without that!

    I very, very rarely turn my main oven on - and if I do want to use it I have to find another home for a variety of pans and baking trays :D

    I figure that my combi used as a convential over has to use less power than my main oven.... it warms up in half the time, and only has about half the capacity to keep warm. It's fine for just two of us (and almost half the time it's just me), and is one thing I wouldn't give up having had one for 13 years now.

    When my last one gave out on me a lot of people (family & friends) tried to convince me to just get a cheap microwave, but I so rarely use it as a micro (other than morning porridge or reheating the second half of a packet soup, both of which could be done in a pan fairly easily) that it was another combi or nothing. And I've not regretted the expense :)
  • Wicked_LadyWicked_Lady Forumite
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    Marmalade cake recipe here for you Caterina.

    I use her original recipe which uses self raising flour so leave out the baking powder plus caster sugar instead of dark soft brown sugar. I also use wine vinegar instead of malt and leave out the grated orange if I haven't got one.

    It's a yummy cake whichever way you make it though and always popular.
  • HappygreenHappygreen Forumite
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    Another NSD for me again. I'm getting a bit frustrated as not out shopping for over a week! I even let a brilliant Approved Food deal go because I have to watch my budget very well this month with car tax, MOT and Insurance coming up :( - takes the joy out of things....
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    Tidy_Up_TashTidy_Up_Tash Forumite
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    My failed NSD continued last night, but it was all good. Spent just under £9, but it was all on YS stuff at Mr T's. More meat reduced in the 3 fo £10 range, and remembered to pick up 3 things! Another Lamb Mince and 2 small pork joints for £5.68.

    Big shop arriving in a few hours. I had to put a few more bits in (OH is great at pointing out the essentials that I miss) but the guide price is around £90. Hopefully that will see us through to the 31st!

    Edit: Delivery here. It came to £93. Freezer, cupboards and fridge nicely stocked again :D
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  • I've had a couple of NSDs this week. Stuck to the meal planner on all but one day (it was a funeral and the last thing I felt like doing was cooking).

    Made a generic savoury mince last night and stretched it so much with veg and lentils that I managed to get 2 stuffed peppers out of it for our tea plus there's enough for 2 mini cottage pies and 2 mini lasagnas so I'm happy at that. I will need to do a butchers/meat shop at some point soon as my freezer is fast emptying itself of meat/fish based protein.

    Planning on some soup cooking this weekend broc and bargain stilton and leek and potato. Plus I NEED to bake. Hubs has eaten all his Christmas chocolate and biscuits so he's in need of tasty treats for work.

    Payday on Tuesday though so only got one more shop to get through and its looking good so far. Could this be the first time in history that I get through a 5 week month with money left over?! Ooo, its so exciting.
    How long til pay day? :eek:
    March Grocery Challenge - £69.54 / £300
  • IslandmaidIslandmaid Forumite
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    NSD here too.

    Have baked some bread rolls for lunch to go with Sweet Potato soup, also baked some choc chip cookies and will make some fudge in a bit.

    That should stave off my hungry hoardes for now.
    Note to self - STOP SPENDING MONEY !!

  • Just popping on after updating my spends - aagh!

    Have food for at least rest of month, maybe more, so should need only milk to see us through.

    Have also had a good spend on half price cleaning and toiletry products - so should not need any for at least 6 months!!

    Trying to stick in budget but to pick up bargains we use and being really careful checking comparison websites before shopping.

    Haven't read back but hope everyone is well.

    Take care. x
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