MSE News: Virgin Media customers to be hit with 5.9% price rise from February

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    I call them today but guy didn't offer me any better deal. Although I didn't say that I want to move to the other provider. This is what I have at the moment:

    Your Updated Package ...

    Standard Bundle
    Talk 08 5
    Talk Unlimited
    Free Voicemail
    TV Size M+
    V HD Monthly Fee
    Broadband Size: XL (up to 100Mb)
    Bundle charges total £43.75
    Promotional offer(s)
    Loyalty Discount - £12 per month for 24 months
    Promotional offer(s) total £12.00CR
    Phone line rental
    Telephone Line Rental
    Phone line rental total £15.99
    Premium add-ons
    BT Sport
    Premium add-ons total £15.00
    New monthly package total* £62.74
    Chargeable from 10 January 2015

    It looks too much money ....Any idea of how to bring it down?
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    The only way to start real negotiations is to say you want to cancel and give your 30 day notice. This should start the ball rolling. You might be offered a deal at this point but most people get a better deal by being phoned inside the cancellation period
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    Just had the first call from retentions - got a couple of offers.

    Currently on

    TV M
    BB 30Mb
    Phone XL
    Multitalke 150 - 150 mins to mobiles and 0845/0870
    £30 month including line rental - was going up to nearly £50 with price rise and discounts expiring.

    New offer
    Same package (need to check on Multitalk as forgot to ask)
    £22 per month + line rental.

    If I take the line rental saver its £12 per month so would be total of

    Second offer after expressing an interest in getting Disney Junior was
    Phone - evening and weekends (L?)
    BB - 100Mb
    TV XL
    £45 / month and they would pay the line rental for the year.

    Tempted by the second offer but really need the anytime calls as the phone is used during the day a fair bit - approx 120 minutes per month. Suspect the thinking is that they will make money back from the calls.

    Need to do some more research - going to get call back on Wednesday.
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    Got an early call back - said I wasn't interested in the extra channels so would only be looking at the basic package with Anything calls.

    Said the best he could do would be £30 including line rental for

    TV M
    BB 50Mb
    Phone XL - Anytime landline + 0870 calls
    Multi-talk 1000 (replacement for the multitalk 150 we currently have - mobiles, 0845 etc)
    £30 inc line rental

    I'm sure he said that the line rental saver was still £144 so £12 per month so that would reduce it further.

    We could also drop the Multi-talk 1000 and its £26/month inc line rental. Can add it at any point.

    Both deals include 6 months free Netflix.
    Wonder if I can get an even better deal if I put him off for another day or two :)

    Hope that helps someone else with their negotiations :D
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    @latecomer - Nice one, I should have haggled better as the Multi Talk 1000 would have been better for me. The £30 price bracket would have also been a plus.

    I just got my contract through the post and it appears I originally thought and said in the previous post my cost is:
    08 2 - 250 minutes to 0845 / 0870
    Talk XL
    50Mb Broadband
    TV M (Tivo 500MB)
    Call Display
    Paying line rental in advance
    Also Netflix 6 months free

    So including the cost of the line rental @ £12 a month my monthly cost would be:
    £35 a month (£23 without line rental as paid in advance) for 6 months then £40 (£28 without line rental as paid in advance)

    The contract suggests the following (12 months contract) for the above deal:
    Flexible discount £5 for 6 months
    Loyalty Discount £5 for 18 months

    Monthly Service Charge £20
    After Promotional Period £30 (which is the cost after 18 months)
    Although the cost stated above excludes line rental as it was paid in advance but if you add £12 to the above cost it works out a little expensive. Not as good as latecomer's deal, you did well :)
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    I am with virgin media and as been for the last 15 years, I got a phone call in december to tell me about the price rise. Can't remember how much they said it would be if I did nothing. But I changed my package and only payed 50p extra a month, ended up with a landline I did not want and its only weekend calls. I dont even own a phone well apart frim my mobile and skype, but for the sake of 50p am not going to moan.
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    @darkcloudi - sounds like you have a reasonable deal too. I always make sure I get something I'm satisfied with as thats all that matters in the end.

    I've had 2 further calls from the same guy in retentions, albeit at inconvenient times, so he seems keen to keep our business although I'm not sure why as hardly every go over our allowance so they only make the base figure from us.

    I'm expecting a call today so will try and get Caller Display added and then see if I can gently push the price below £30 - worth a try :D
    Also must check its a 12 month contract too. Will update later
  • Sorry if this point has been raised before.
    We cancelled our virgin broadband in December following the price rise letter of November. The letter stated we could do this without penalty. However we were told on cancellation that we could not be refunded any unused part of the 12 month advance line rental payment we had made which effectively had about 3months to run. (approx £30 remaining).
    Has anyone managed to get this refunded?
  • i received the letter in Nov but didn't read it properly although it said an increase of £4.39, I missed the cancellation bit .. at present I pay £37 .. any advice guys how can I get a better deal? Talk weekends, TV - L , Broadband - L .. thnx
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    <snip>12 month advance line rental <snip>

    Has anyone managed to get this refunded?

    No. Its an upfront annual payment at a discounted rate and if you choose to leave then you lose any unused months.
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