Very Expensive Phone Calls To 0871 !!!!!!!!

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Watch out for this outfit .uk which sends you expensive phone call invoices after you have dialled 0871 numbers at normal rates(£23.50p for three and a half mins in one recent case) for whatever service you desire Sexual,Tarot.Horoscopes.etc etc.

They do look like a very similar operation to the outfit TPS (Aka 123)

Mentioned here

And here

The only difference being that TPS use to charge for calling normal 020 numbers.


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    This is nothing short of scandalous. I read OFCOM's detail on the subject and I am astonished that they can so obviously disregard this abuse of the UK telephone networks numbering scheme.

    Eventually of course, many people will be stung by this, and OFCOM will have to act to stop it. As ever, it always has to take them a lifetime to stop these inscrutable fraudsters.

    OFCOM, like their predecessors, seem always reluctant to deal with any real issues.
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