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I have seen a site on Facebook earlier when I was looking for my daughter a frozen doll (seem to be sold out everywhere still :( )

Reading through it seems like you can get cashback without having to buy anything from posting offers, referring people and sharing things online.

I have read through the document that explains how it works, it says they offer gift cards at the minute rather than actual cash but they can get gift cards that you choose within reason.

I use Quidco and HotUKDeals a lot, but they are all over the TV but this seems interesting if it is actually going to work as I might as well get paid for posting offers if I can.

There are 74 members at the minute and some posting offers so it must work in some way.

Has anybody else come across it? The link is , the document about the cashback is at the bottom.


  • I decided to sign up and give it a go, I posted an offer this morning for a Frozen Glitter Globe so will sit back and see if I earn anything from it.
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    How are you getting on with it?
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  • I have been a member of Find it for Less for a month or so now, and have made near £3. I have posted about 90 offers. The thing is that every offer you post stays on their site and so someone could find it by google in 4 months time and you will still earn from it. I am sticking with it as it doesn't take much time and as the site gets busier I am interested to see how much I can earn. A few gift vouchers at Xmas time will all help!
  • I should add that there is a banner on the money shed forum that gives you a code for £1 when you sign up.
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    Thanks Merry, when you say "posted offers", do you mean you post offers you find online so people can click through ?
  • Yes, I mean posting up bargains I've found.
  • I have posted a couple of offers too, one made a couple of sales. I also got a bit of cashback from sharing offers on my facebook with my link, it doesn't seem to be as much cashback as when I actually posted the offer but somebody on my wall was looking for something, so I sent them the link and got 57p for it!

    I have seen other members on The Money Shed have got close to £20 in cashback in a couple of months which looks interesting.

    I have been trying to share it with people at work / facebook with my link as if they sign up I get 5% of what they make, they are mad about hot uk deals and stuff so I want them to sign up so I can make a bit off them.
  • Sounds interesting , may give this one a go
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    I signed up for this recently and will give it a go - doesn't take a lot of time anyway and Christmas period might be a good time to start using this.
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