Best spring bulb deal this year.

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Called in at 1 of Parkers, the bulb specialists, garden centres yesterday. They always seem to sell of surplus stock just before xmas and I've found that provided they are in good nick and are put in within the next week or so they are fine if a little late the first year.
All spring bulbs were half price.

Just about to grab a few when the manager came over, "after a few bulbs?, they have to all go within the next couple of days, here's a carrier bag, (a good sized 1), it's £5 for as many as you can get in the bag"

Well I filled that 1, and I filled another for my dh.
I counted them out this morning, just short of 50 packs of bulbs, some of as many as 50 tulips etc in each and valued originally at from £2.99 to £6.99 a pack even at Parkers good prices.

Well, I think I got very close to £200 worth for a tenner, :money::money::money::money:, at it's best. Well chuffed
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  • Wow, fantastic bargain! Wish there was a Parkers near here - I would have had a field day!!!!
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    I got several packs of dwarf bulbs for 10p pack in the Range yesterday. Also two crowns of Asparagus for 50p/pack. Unfortunately it's too cold to plant out today so will have to wait until it's a little milder, but I am sure they will all fare well.
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