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has anyone tried the Inch Loss Programme a company in Glasgow advertise in the Scottish Sunday mail. :confused: cheers


  • Ive been looking into it but havent taken the plunge yet... Im thinking of going for their free session though to try it out and find out more :)
  • sogssogs Forumite
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    Hi there have you booked your trial I was thinking of doing that really curious to see if it does make the difference they claim on the website before parting with any money.
  • Hi I wondered if any one did try the inch loss programme,
    I did try one last year it was a new out. a bit like slender tone but each 15 minute session was like the equivlent of doing 1000 sit ups.
    I did feel a bit more toned but I found it painful and expensive. I didn't even finish the 10 treatment course.
    I am using a fat loss patch and I have lost about 30 inches and 18lb but I have no real will power or time to exercise much, so i would be interested in finding out if this worked?


  • I tried this once. Just like the Slendertone thing really.

    The staff were very nice and you get a nice room with a telly to watch while the machine is doing its stuff. It can be quite uncomfortable until you get used to it. They also stress that you shouldn't rely on the machine alone.
    They gave me a diet/menu sheet as well, with the usual recommendations on eating/drinking healthily which you should follow to see the best results.
    Very expensive though... I think it was £250 for one course (I only had the trial).

    I decided to cut down on chocolate/snacks and go for a swim instead and save my money, but if you need to lose inches fast for a special occasion, I suppose it would be worth it.
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