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    About time. :)
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  • Hi guys,

    As the Experian CreditExpert guide has been soft launched I am really keen to get feedback from people who have complained about the product.

    Has anyone contacted Experian on this thread? And have we had any responses? Has anyone taken this forward to the Ombudsman?


    MSE Leigh
  • Hi,

    After publication of the MSE article on Experian Credit Expert i noticed that I have been paying for this 'add-on' for over a year and I contacted Experian to raise a complaint.

    I spoke to one advisor, who told me they have had many phone-calls relating to this issue, and asked if i wanted to raise a query or complaint. I proceeded with a complaint, and he transferred me through to another advisor to log my concerns.

    I was given the bumph about how they will investigate and get to me within 8 weeks, and Ive just received a letter today after 7 weeks of making the complaint. They basically said that there are 4 other cases that are exactly the same with the Ombudsman and that they would like me wait for another 12 weeks without going to the Ombudsman until they get the verdict from the other 4 existing cases. They said, for now, they will reject my complaint and issue my final response letter however have included a clause to say that they will re-open the case in 12 weeks time to re-consider if i didn't go to the FOS.

    I think I will be using my rights to take the case to the FOS immediately, as they have had more than enough time to investigate their own failings.
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    I got a rejection letter from experian today saying they are also awaiting on the result to the x4 people that have already taken it there. We should all take it to the fos, ignore there can we wait an extra 12 weeks as since when do they treat us fair when they are recording false data.
    Don't put your trust into an Experian score - it is not a number any bank will ever use & it is generally a waste of money to purchase it. They are also selling you insurance you dont need.
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    I sent a letter of complaint to Credit Expert on 8th Oct using the template letter provided. I received two acknowledgements from them stating that it was taking them longer to deal with my claim.

    I eventually received a response on Saturday 29th Nov rejecting my complaint and refusing to give me a refund. The letter stated that 4 other complaints had been escalated to the Ombudsman and they provided a link to the ombudsman's website showing the outcome of one of those complaints. The outcome working in Credit Expert's favour of course.

    It therefore doesn't look like this is going to work unfortunately but if anybody is successful I would like to know.

    I did ask them to remove the insurance element from my membership however I am still being charged £14.99. I presume from what I have read, that the subscription no longer includes the insurance however they can still charge us as if it does.
  • Hi Hev83.

    Would you be able to send me the link you received. I wouldn't mind taking a look at it.


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    Wonder if they are referring to this? http://www.ombudsman-decisions.org.uk/viewPDF.aspx?FileID=36802 cant find anything else on this subject there.
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  • Hi Leigh

    The link above is the ombudsman decision they were referring to. Do you think it is still worthwhile taking my complaint to the ombudsman or am I likely to just receive the same response?

    Also can someone please clarify whether or not the membership fee should still be £14.99? I would have thought if they were no longer including the Fraud protection insurance then this would reduce the membership fee by £6.40?
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    Very very much worth continuing to the Ombudsman. All the way if needed. Do not wait.

    Giving you that link is deceptive smoke and mirrors by Experian.

    1. It is an old decision not based on the quite same thing. 2. The FOS looks at each case on its own merits and decides what is fair. What one person decided in that case all the way back in 2012 has zero relevance to any decision the FOS can or will make now.

    Think of it this way. If that decision made things a forgone conclusion then the FOS wouldnt be taking their time looking at the 4 current ones.

    It is basically Experian trying to cynically put you off complaining in the same way they have tried every other desperate tactic to bury this issue.
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    MSE Leigh, I have had the same response as Hev83. The best bit is they title the doc FINAL RESPONSE!

    I am happy to scan and send an email copy of the letter to you if you like, let me know.

    How would I progress with FSO as when you go to their site it only gives you the PPI form to fill out?

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