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I've been paying into my pension for a few years now and have about £300k invested. I use a local IFA and have about 15 years to go until I retire. I completed a risk analysis with the IFA and that came out quite high, that is, I'm prepared to take a relatively high risk for a high reward. I've only started to learn about asset allocation and balancing etc and wondered if someone could have a look at the funds I'm in and essentially give me a second opinion.

AXA Framlington UK Select Opportunities 15%

Ecclesiastical Higher Income 10%

First State Asia Pacific Leaders 15%

Invesco Perpetual Global Smaller Companies 10%

Invesco Perpetual High Income 15%

M+G Global Dividend 15%

Marlborough Special Situations 10%

Newton Global Higher Income 10%

Thanks in advance.


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    Interesting portfolio. It is reasonably well diversified apparently focusing on 3 quite different broad sectors:

    1) Small companies (Marlborough SS is a UK small company fund)
    2) Income
    3) Asia Pac

    Although US and Europe arent explicitly included they form the majority of the Global funds. So there is good geographic coverage with the UK and AP funds filling in possible gaps in the Global funds.

    The funds chosen have a good reputation in their specific sectors.

    So yes, I like it. It seems to me quite clever providing good diversification with a small number of funds with the income focus providing a solid base and with extra risk/return from the small companies.
  • Thank you Linton. Whilst I'm quite impressed with my IFA, I think it usually pays to have a second opinion.
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    With a portfolio of this size. I would consider some direct share holdings. As collectively your servicing fees are adding up.
    It's not whether you're right or wrong that's important, but how much money you make when you're right and how much you lose when you're wrong." — George Soros
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