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Staff Discount cards - How much do you save?

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  • wortwort Forumite
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    hi maniac886 I wish I worked at your store I work at M & S but apart from staff discount we no longer get any left over food sales or staff shop sales anymore .we don't even have the canteen,just drinks machine and microwave to heat food.All perks seem to be disappearing!:(
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  • I work for asda. 10% staff discount includes online. Also got a big discount at Vauxhall.
  • ZverZver Forumite
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    My son works in Sainsburys and I am named on his discount card. He is allowed one named person, either spouse or direct family member, to get his 10% discount. At Christmas and various other times of the year the discount rises to 15%, but that is offset by JS no longer issuing Xmas staff bonuses.
    My daughter and her bf get free admission and drinks in clubs where he teaches salsa. No great saving as they are both teetotal!
  • Liz_WindsorLiz_Windsor Forumite
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    In my job I'm given prime real estate in central london, norfolk, windsor and scotland. I used to have a nice boat too but the nasty socialists took it off me. Still....mustn't grumble.

    Happy April 1st
  • Lokolo_2Lokolo_2 Forumite
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    Working for a train company, I get free Travel on that train company and also those in the same parent group and 75% off full price (anytime) tickets on other train companies, also any dependants or partner of mine gets these same benefits except they cannot use it for commuting.

    I used to work at Wilkinson, where there was 13% staff discount, sometimes raised to 20% at selected times of the year and of course we got first dibs on any reduced items!
  • kaminari wrote: »
    I work for Transport for London. Myself and my partner get an all zones travel pass for Buses, underground and trams which saves us thousands. Also there are a few places the give discounts on meals around the office for TfL staff and we get a discount at several gyms too.

    is Nandos one of those places lol?
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