MSE News: Get double points at Sainsbury's, but you'll have to act fast



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    I had no problems yesterday doubling up £10 worth of points for a £20 clothing voucher. There were two people on the cs desk and no queues. All very civilised. Treat myself to 2 t-shirt bras and a pair of "ballet" style shoes. I usually save my points up and use in Argos but this was a better option. Unfortunately, as I don't shop in Sainsbury's as often these days, my points take forever to mount up.
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    I used £20 worth of points to get a £40 clothes voucher and bought some pyjamas, always get new ones for grandchildren at Christmas. Also spent another £40 voucher in electricals and got a smoothie maker for DDs Christmas present and two new ink cartridges for my printer. I was really pleased with what I got and am thinking of spending the rest of my points on cards/wrapping paper and some photo frames that I could do with. Need to make my mind up.
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    Just tried again to buy something for 19.99 with a £20 coupon, it wouldn't go through, a nice girl came over and suggested she can scan a packet of batteries and then take it off again

    im gutted now though, i just received an email from ebay, if you spend you spend your nectar points there you get 50% of the points back until 23 nov

    Exactly the same thing happened to me "19.99 item and could not use 20 voucher ended up buying batteries " the cheapest batteries I could find where £3.49."
    Thanks for posting about ebay I too received this email a few days ago but I thought it meant I would get back half the points I earnt NOT SPENT.
    I quickly rushed over to the eBay site @11.20 pm to buy some cds I had in my basket, only to find out the minimum spend for this offer is £10.00 (My cds are worth a fiver "there mixtapes hence cheapness") scrapped that idea.
    So I will be back to sainsbury's tomorrow to get some more ttd wine because the tu clothing will more than likely be reduced in a few weeks anyway and the ttd wine I bought on the double previously are still on offer.
    Unfortunately the 19.99 electrical item was faulty so had to get refund (on the plus side on my receipt was £30 worth of items i paid in cash , so the cashier just saw cash at the bottom of my receipt and handed me £20 note ' he asked me if i had 1p ' & I gave him the penny'
    (& b4 anyone starts going on at me about being dishonest/stealing ) i want to clarify, he never asked me if I got item on double up, or whether I paid cash! He just asked me for the penny and I gave it to him in exchange for the £20 note.
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  • Apologies if this is posted elsewhere. Currently Sainsburys are offering 2500 free nectar points if you complete four £40 shops before 6th December (this was on a till spit). Not sure if this applies to all customers.

    I doubled up my nectar points for £40 of vouchers to spend and this spend (although in vouchers) worked to give me my 4th shop. I then got the 2500 points added on at customer services (they go on automatically with your next purchase) and doubled them up again - they were worth £15 so got £30 more in vouchers to go and spend.

    This was in Sainsburys Kinross, Scotland. :j
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    I don't suppose anyone knows if doubled up points can be used on offers? There are some taste the difference wines at 2 for £12 that I am tempted buy but I don't want to get to the till to find it's not allowed. I've read the T&Cs but can't find anything that seems to disallow it?


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    Yes, you can use this on offers in store.

    I had £95 something of points. I doubled up £20points to £40 on electricals, £15 to £30 voucher on home.

    I got a glass serving bowl (£10 reduced to £5), cookie cutters £4.50, cutlery set £20, latte spoons £5 with the home voucher and £4.50 cash and Bosch food processor £100, reduced from £149.99, with £40 voucher and remaining £60 points.

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    I had £55 worth of nectar points - I doubled up £20 to £40 on clothing and got some bits that I need and then another £10 to £20 on electrical and I bought a food processor that was reduced to clear for £18

    Very impressed with this (and a string of fairy lights to make it up to the £20) for what would have been £10 worth of points!

    The only little annoyance was the £20 to £40 limit on clothing as there were a couple of other things I would have bought if I could have had a higher value voucher.
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    It worked beautifully for me. I have masses of Nectar points, mostly acquired through ebay (furnishing the house with 2nd hand stuff) and got a £40 voucher for wines, which effectively bought me 6 bottles of Coolwater NZ Sauvignon Blanc for £3.20 - paid for out of the change I found down the back of the sofa that morning :-)
    I then got another £40 voucher for electricals, which I used in conjunction with a £9 off a £60 shop voucher I'd been sent - and the 'double points with your next shop' voucher I was given when getting the first double-up voucher - to get a TV priced at £149 for £100 (or £99 if you count the 1% cashback from Santander) to replace a very old analogue one that pre-dated remote controls.
    Thanks MSE - I wouldn't have known about the event if I hadn't happened to visit this website last week!
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