Do I need to nag my solicitor?

And if so how often?

Basically, landlord decided to sell the house we are renting and we decided to buy it. Landlord wanted quick sale so ran round like a crazy person, finding a solicitor, seeing a mortgage advisor, getting a DiP, mortgage valuation, getting a formal mortgage offer then nothing.

I ring about once a week to try to find out what is happening, everything seems to be going so slowly. My solicitor only received the contract from the vendors solicitors at the back end of last week despite our offer being accepted over a month ago.

Surely it can't take this long? Since I am already living in the house I am buying I thought it would be quick and straightforward. Do I need to ring up every day or couple of days? It feels like nothing is happening even though we were told then vendor wanted to complete by beginning of Dec!


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