Are mid terraced houses to be avoided?



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    I don't see a use for two ensuites; in fact even one, as modern houses aren't huge so the bathroom wouldn't be far away, so I'd go for a semi with your own convenient parking (and possibility of space for two cars ?)
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    I've never had noise issues in the 3 terraced houses I've lived in.

    If the parking is an issue for you, then it sounds like this house isn't suitable.

    Another thing to consider is if you decide to extend your terraced property there are more hoops to jump through regarding neighbours and access for builders.
  • I live in a mid terrace. It isn't an issue to me. Neighbours can be heard from time to time but unless there is a party, it isn't off putting or loud.
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    My favourite house ever was a mid terrace. My ex husband worked away at the time and I felt secure having someone either side. But it was an old one, so I would think insulation would be better.

    Having moved around a lot I've been lucky with neighbours, but just check layout of the bedrooms. Are they on each side so that if you have one noisy neighbour you can swap rooms.

    Also bear in mind there may be a right of way over the back of your house (although this my just be for old terraces).

    IMO garages and driveways are no big deal. X
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    Good points made about neighbours.

    Another thing to check is the type of area you are in. Our old house was in a city area full of rental properties but we were lucky to have an old couple one side and a single teacher the other for the entire ten years we were there.

    Our current house is in a smallish town (ie no university or YPs), so not much likelihood of a rented house full of (potentially) loud young adults next door.

    Having lived in terraced student houses for several years, I wouldn't necessarily want to live next to one!
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    You can see from the wide range of replies that it really is dependent on your preferences, and some luck. Neighbour disputes are often about parking or noise - there are a number of threads on here about noisy neighbours.

    For me, as long as I could afford it I will only have detached houses. Parking I would never compromise on as people can get massively stressed over parking issues, me included! I like as much privacy as possible.

    Older terraced houses can be a good compromise - I've been in a few and you do get more space for your money and the walls can be very thick.
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    We didn't want a mid terraced, but fell in love with the house & now we are buying it, older property open fireplaces etc, re shopping I'll get tesco delivery when possible.
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    Mid terrace can be great for heating bills, you're basically kept warm by the houses either side of you.

    I live in an end terrace and never hear next door, the house is also much warmer then it might be if it was detached I think.
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    Loopy28 wrote: »
    Generally I have looked at semi's or end terraces (detached out of my reach financially!)

    However, I have seen a terraced house built about 10 years ago, fabulous inside, it is modern large and over 3 floors with 2 ensuite bedrooms. Garden not a bad size for a terraced and a good area.

    My reservations are that it may be noisy as it is terraced, it also does not have a garage (which I can live without) and no driveway. There is an allocated parking space but this is a short walk from the property along with all the other allocated car parking spaces in a row. I can imagine this might be a nightmare with visitors parking in your space etc thinking it is public parking....oh and getting shopping to your front door without leaving your car unattended with the boot open.

    For the same price I can get a much smaller end terrace or semi with a driveway but I don't get the space or the ensuites that the terrace have.

    Would you go for this sort of terrace or is it a nightmare waiting to happen?

    If you can avoid living in a terraced house , please do
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    We live in a new mid terrace townhouse and the only time we can ever hear the neighbours are if the house is quiet and they run up or downstairs. Never hear any other noise (I was pleasantly surprised as I expected noise to be a problem).
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